《Chapter 15》

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[Name] opened her eyes and looked at the clock. It was almost time. She woke up and got herself ready. She walked to the meeting point and didn't forget to take her laptop. As she arrived, Okuda and the other girls greeted her.

"[Name]-chan! Where were you all this time?"

"Gomen, gomen. I was busy preparing myself in the room."

"You don't need to prepare yourself! You're already perfect and I think Karma will fall for you even more." [Name] hit Nakamura's shoulder very hard and glared at her.

"I didn't prepare myself for that!" [Name] wasn't in the mood for the joke.

"Huh, you're no fun, [Name]-chan," [Name] chuckled and joined the other students to start the assassination.


The student looked depressed as they failed to kill Korosensei. Chiba kept on saying that was his fault. Korosensei, who was now in a small round glass, tried to cheer up the students.

But then something weird started to happen. Some of students appeared to be weak and had a high fever. Karasuma sensei panicked and received a phone call.

"It's look like you can't do anything, Karasuma sensei."

"Who are you?!"

"Someone who wants to kill that octopus alien and poisoned your students. If you want your student to be saved, I will trade you the antidote for that octopus. What do you think?"

"Don't think I will do that!"

"Then you're okay with your students dying one by one?" Karasuma sensei looked shocked.

"You have 12 hours to bring me that octopus and a girl with bright green hair, the most talented girl with [color] hair and a boy with blue hair."

The mysterious caller ended the call. Karasuma sensei, who was very angry, slammed Korosensei to the table; Korosensei whined. The former looked at Nagisa, Kayano and...

"Where is [Name]?" Karasuma sensei demanded.

"She went away when you received the call. She looked pissed off very much."

Karasuma sensei sighed.

Meanwhile with [Name]:

[Name] was standing right in front of a building in the middle of the island. She looked down at her phone which had a map leading to the mysterious caller. She wore her grey hoodie and proceeded to walk inside the building.

"[Name]-chan, Karasuma sensei and the rest of End Class are on their way here."

She sighed. "They decided to come too, huh? Give them the other map which contains less danger compared to mine."

Ritsu nodded. "Wakatta. Please be careful!"

[Name] entered the building and met security guards on the way to the room. But she easily took care of them using her defensive attacks.

The reason that she gave End Class a different map was because she didn't want them involved with what she was gonna do. She had hacked the building's main computer and found out who was behind this mess. She just needed to finish him off by herself. Or that's what she thought.

When she opened the door, she saw the face of person that she least wanted to see. Takaoka. He was smiling like a mad scientist at her. He looked like he was waiting for her appearance.

"Give me the antidote!"

"Not too fast, [Name]. Or should I call the black hacker." She 'tch' ed and glared him. (A/N: "Black" here isn't means something racist. Black hacker here means the hacker who always work in the dark, no one knows about her identity until she stops being a hacker. So please don't misunderstand it to being something racist.)

"I don't care if you know about my identity. Just give the antidote and no one will be hurt."

"Not so fast. Why don't you just wait for the rest of Class E?" He laughed and showed her the monitor. In there Karasuma sensei looked weak. [Name] glared and wanted to punch him very hard. But with wrong steps and Class E wouldn't survive.


"What? Are you not gonna hit me?" Takaoka laughed as Nagisa glared at him. [Name] just kept calm all the time.

[Name] walked beside Nagisa and whispered something to him. He looked surprised and smiled in the end.

"I trust you, [Name]-chan."

Both of them walked closer to Takaoka with the same expressions that they used to give him. Nagisa had on his smile while [Name] used her poker face. As they neared Takaoka, they started to attack him with all their power until his defeat.

[Name] smiled. Finally it's ended. A moment later, everything turned black as Class E shouted her name multiple times.

"[NAME]!!!" Karma ran towards her as they went across to the next building's rooftop.



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