Chapter 3

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~11 years later~
Readers POV:

It's been 11 abusive years since my "wonderful" dad left. I'm now 16 and going to a "awesome" high school full of the "nicest" people I ever met. I sighed as I got ready for "wonderful" high school, I got dressed into a regular r/c (random color) shirt with a f/c hoodie and some blue jeans. I then got on my black converse on and got toast from the kitchen then left not caring if my mom was here or not. I ran across the sidewalk my toast hanging out of the side of my mouth until I got to the gates of the place I call my nightmare.

Thank god I got here 20 minutes early so my bullies wouldn't be here this early, neither my only friend so I went to my only nice teachers room. Mrs. Hamlet opened the door a couple seconds after I knocked her seeing it was me made her brighten up then let me in " good morning y/n" she said cheerfully sending me a warm smile afterwards. "Morin" I replied before coming in and sitting in my seat and finishing my toast. We then talked about some random topics like what I am planning to do for a art class project or what drawing I'm working on. I was having such a good time finally talking to somebody since I was cooped up in my room all weekend that I didn't realize what time it was until the bell rung.

     I frowned knowing I had to go and wouldn't have Mrs.Hamlet until last period. "Well I guess I'll see you later" I said looking at her frowning. She sighed "you can stay here if you want" she said giving me a hopeful smile I shook my head "that would just make them madder" I replied before pulling my hood over my head and slung my backpack over my shoulder. " Y/n be careful" she said, I nodded before walking to my first class. "Well guess it's time to start my day I said seeing my class coming into view.
    As I walked into the classroom and sat at my seat I noticed that my bullies were looking at me smirking. I was confused until I noticed writing on my desk "loser" "bitch" "teachers pet" "hoe" my eyes went wide. I quickly wiped the writing off my desk ignoring the laughing from my bullies and tears that really wanted to fall but wouldn't let them. I pulled the hood more over my face so they didn't see how much they effected me. I sighed looking up at the teacher not paying attention just teaching his lesson with a bored look on his face.
                  ~Time Skip~ (I'm sure you don't care about lessons they Taught)
    It was now lunch and I ran to my only friend Jason (because author- chan says :P) "oh hey wifey" he smiled (no he doesn't think of you like that he thinks of you like a little sis) " hey softie" I replied giving a small smile. I call him that because he acts like a tough and mean guy but to me he a real softie. " they mess with you today?" I really didn't want him in a bad mood before the big football game so I shook my head " good because I was ready to bust some heads" he said flexing making me roll my eyes. " come on let's go eat" he said grabbing my hand and turning and walking to cafeteria I looked down at my stomach remembering one of my bullies Jessica (if that's your name change it) said "wow did you put on some weight you really are starting to become more pig like" I sighed "Jason I had a big breakfast I'm not hungry" he looked at me suspicious "you sure" he asked " Yes!" I exclaimed. I hate having to lie to him but he just wouldn't understand.


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