Chapter 26

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(Tay POV)

I Didn't Think Gemini Was Serious... I Thought This Would All Go Over Our Heads I Mean Its Been 2 Weeks And I Haven't Talked To Gemini...

- Monday

"Good Morning Tay" Dado Said As He Walked In Where I Worked.

"Morning" I Said As I Delivered The Orders.

"Hey Ma" Jaayden Said.

"Hey" I Said.

And Last To Walk In Was Gemini And He Didn't Say Anything So I Decided To Be The Bigger Person.

"Morning Gemini" I Said.

"Hi" He Simply Said Without Looking At Me.

- Tuesday

As I Made My Way To Go Park My Car I Found This Perfect Spot And Guess Who Swerved Me And Stole It...

"Heyyyy" I Said Hoping Out.

"Too Bad" Is All Gemini Said Before He Made His Way Inside.

I Thought Of Just Ramming The Back Of His Car But I Didn't Want To Be Petty Like Him.

- Wednesday

He Didn't Even Say Anything To Me...

He Came In And Took His Boxes Of Pizza With Saying Hi... Good Morning... Or Even Thank You...

At Lease He Could've Said Thank You... I Should've Took A Bite Out Of Every Slice Of Pizza In The Box...

But Once Again I'm Not Petty... Even If He Wanna Act Like A Little Baby I'm Not Gone Act Like A Little Baby With Him...

- Thursday

I Was Walking Out With Some Boxes And He Happen To Be In Front Of Me... He Didn't Help Me With The Boxes I Thought The Least He Would Do Is Hold The Door... But No He Didn't...

"Your Such A Little Girl" I Told Him Once I Got Inside.

"Glad To Know" He Said.

And That Is How It Was... Its Either I Didnt See Him And When I Did See Him He Is Acting Like A Little Girl...

1 More Week Left And I Dont Want Us To End Like This...

"Babe You Alright" Damien Asked Me As He Ran His Fingers Through My Hair.

"Yeah I'm Good" I Said. I Was Layed On My Back, My Head On His Thigh And My Leg Up On The Couch Leg.

Yeah Me And Damien Is Back Together In Case Your Wondering..

"What's On Your Mind?" He Asked Me.

"Nothing Important" I Said.

"Everything On Your Mind Is Important Bae" He Said To Me. "So Tell Me Wassup" He Said.

"Promise You Won't Get Mad" I Said.

"Promise" He Said.

"Alright" I Said As I Sat Up And Criss Crossed Apple Sauced. "Its Gemini" I Said.

"What About Him?" Damien Asked Alerted. "Did He Hurt You Or Something? Do I Need To Handle Him?" He Asked.

"What? No?" I Said. "Its Just That Its Been Two Weeks And I Haven't Heard From Him..." I Said.

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