Chapter 4

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❝This chapter was the longest I have ever wrote, lol. I had so many mistakes in the chapter and didn't get my laptop til today but I start college tomorrow but I finally got time to edit and upload. Sorry for any mistakes if its still any. Y'all and ya lovehate feelings for Rod, lol. Enjoy, ☻❞

Rod's Temptation; Four

Rod slowly walked into Mariah's apartment. It was dark, no lights, no sound.

He brushed it off before he walked into her bed room. He flipped on the lights and gasped when he saw Mariah tied to the bed, naked.

He went to untie her when a female voice giggled before he felt the pain and sound of a gunshot. He looked down as blood fell from his mouth.

"Bye, baby." Said the female voice with a chuckle as he dropped to his knees, almost coughing on his own blood.

His breathes got shorter as he watched Mariah jerk against the bed, screaming his name around her gag.

He dropped to the ground and the laughter of the unknown female was the last thing he heard..

Rod jumped up as he looked around his bed. He had been having dreams like this for the past week, like it was about to come true.

"Damn." He said as he dragged his hands down his face.

He stood up, pulling his sagging sweat pants up. Once again, a quiet house. He had been living by himself since he was seventeen and after he got comfortable with Mariah staying with him he got used to having somebody in his bed. The smell of breakfast or even better, a naked Mariah. Her eyes closed as she slept, her legs tangled in the covers, her nipples erect from the cold air that she had always turned on before she went to bed.

He picked up his vibrating phone as D's name popped up. He declined the call, it was too early to deal with D's ass. He checked his messages, a grin forming when he saw Mariah's name.


nigga answer yo fone


tf u at?


where u at nigga?


can u pick me up from work?

It was almost five o'clock and he had been sleeping in all day. He told Mariah he would be there to pick her up as soon as he got dressed and told Suan he would be at the trap after he picked up Mariah.

He pushed his pants down along with his boxers and walked to the bathroom. He took a ten minute shower before he dressed. He picked up his phone and keys and drove to the hospital to pick up Mariah.

Mariah sighed as Zero sent her another message, blowing her phone up as she stood outside the hospital. He seemed like a nice guy but she never got to really know him but she just thought it was too early to get involved with another man.

He had sent her over ten messages in one day, talking about how he wanted to meet up and talk but she never texted back.

She heard the roar of Rod's car before she lifted her head from her phone. She put her phone in her pocket before she walked to the car, hopping in.

She put on her seatbelt before Rod drove off, turning the radio down.

"What's up wit yo car?" He asked, licking his lips as he glanced over at her.

"It wasn't starting this morning so I got Chante to pick me up and take me to work." She said, relaxing against the passenger seat.

"Why you ain't call me?" He asked, "I coulda got someone to fix it up."

"You don't wake up when I wake up." Mariah said.

She woke up at five A.M. and had to be to work by seven. Rod never woke til ten at the earliest.

"If you called I woulda answer," He sighed as he drove into the long drove thru of Wendy's, "I don't even see why you moved out. Just come back home, we been through it all, we can fix this."

Mariah rolled her eyes as she looked out the window, "We not together, Rod. Until you can get your act right, we nothing more than friends."

"Friends don't fuck," Rod said with a cocky smirk as he watched the line slowly move.

"Friends with benefits." Mariah said, shaking her head.

Once again, her phone chirped, showing she had a message. She ignored it, knowing it was Zero while Rod just raised a eyebrow as he drove up into the small gap.

Annoying Mariah more, it chirped two more times while Rod looked at her with confusion in his eyes.

"Who dat?" He asked, "blowin' yo phone up."

"Nobody, probably Miracle ass." She said, knowing how Rod was. If he knew she went to the club and danced with another nigga he wouldn't hesitate to hunt that nigga down.

"I admit that you almost had me I admit I was almost crazy. Had me thinkin' 'bout callin' that bitch that night And let her know where she can come and meet me. But it's cool, I'ma be a lady. She think she cute but she don't phase me. And if you knew about all of this good love you'll be missin' out on. You wouldn't have played me." Keyshia Cole's voice shouted through her phone in her pocket.

She should of put it on silent.

She stared at the cars in front of her, ignoring her phone while Rod got more irritated.

"Riah, I know you here yo phone ringing," Rod said as he looked at her, "you ain't gone answer it?"

"It's nothing important." She said as it stopped ringing. Finally.

Rod just shook his head as he drove up while Mariah sent a quick text to Lance.


What do you want?

Almost instantly her phone vibrated.


u ignoring me?

She put her phone on silence, deciding not to text back.

"What you want?" Rod asked as he looked over to Mariah. She told him her order before he voiced his and her order.

The female that was working at the next window couldn't be no younger than forty. Her mouth was popping bubbles with her gum as she stared at Rod.

Ignoring Mariah's presence, she leaned forward til she knew the young man had a good look at her cleavage, "How you doing?"

Mariah rolled her eyes, the woman's voice sounded like she had been smoking since she came out the wound. She remembered when she helped Rod out his cigarette stage, it was disgusting to her. It took longer than she expected but she finally got him to quit.

"Good." Rod replied, his eyes looking at the money in his lap that he was counting. The cougars eyes were looking too, but she frowned when she noticed he wasn't feeling her, his d*ck was soft as a pillow.

Rod looked up to the lady, nothing but a blank expression as he handed her the money for his food.

She continued to stare at him while his eyes were on Mariah who was waiting patiently. She grabbed the food, Solange, her co-worker gave her before she handed it to Rod.

"Thanks for your service, come again." The lady said as she tried to form a smile.

Rod drove off as he put the bag between him and Mariah. He grabbed his burger while she grabbed her fries. He put it in his lap as he ate and drove.

He turned up the radio as they talked about Kim Kardashian's baby. He went to another station before he gave up and just put in his CD before Rocko blasted through the speakers in the car.

"Where you going?" Mariah asked, wanting to know his schedule as he drove to her apartment.

"The trap." Rod said.

"How's Champy and Milan doing?" She asked knowing how close he was with Suan, Zane, D and Terrence. They were like brothers. To them: if they started in the game together, they were going to die in the game together.

"Good, I guess. Heard Champy be six months soon." He said before he glanced down at Mariah's stomach.

He always wanted a baby with Mariah, something that made them even closer than they already were. To see her belly swell as she carried his first born was something he wanted since he was sixteen.

Mariah followed his eyes, sighing before she took a deep breath, "That's good."

Rod nodded his head as he glanced at her while he pulled into the parking lot of her apartment, pulling out his wallet. She was always nervous when it came to the subject of kids.

Rod had sex with her so many times without protection, hoping her birth control would fuck up and give him his wish but that never happened.

He glanced at the picture of him and his brother that he had in his wallet. It was old, from when they were fourteen but as far as everybody knew, he died from a drive by while Rod was driving. Only Rod knew what really happened and the rest of the niggas that knew were buried six feet under.

"Here." He said as he pulled three-hundred-dollars out his wallet. He didn't have much on him right now, he didn't walk out the house with a bank in his pockets.

"I don't want this, Rod," Mariah started, "I get paid Friday, I don't need that."

"Just take it." He said as he put it in her hands before he kissed her lips.

"Alright," She said as he handed her the bag of food, "I'll pay you back Friday."

"Stop, Riah." Rod said as she stepped out the car, "I'll be back later."

Rod made sure she got in the house before he drove off.

"Nigga, where you been?" Zane asked as he walked into the Lounge Room of the trap.

"Knocked." Rod said as he sat on the couch.

"We tracked him down." Terrence said as he sat down with his laptop in front of him.

"Where he at?" Rod asked.

"He went to the club last night, Club Fallz," Suan said.

"He driving somewhere now." D said as they watched the computer screen.

"What we gone do when we get em?" Terrence asked.

"Take him back, he gotta be alone." Suan said as they saw Zero reached his destination.

"Where he at?" Zane asked Terrence.

"Hickory Apartments, 18B." He replied as Rod's eyebrows furrowed.

"What?" He said as he stood up, "That's where Riah at."

They all looked over to him, "Huh."

"Shit." Rod said before he ran out the house.

Mariah threw her food away, taking off her clothes. She put on one of Rod's white tees that she took with her. She slid on her shorts as someone knocked at her door.

Zero was tired of being ignored, he tracked down Mariah from her phone number. He was gonna make her become his. The cocaine and heroin still lingered in his veins.

Mariah opened the door, without looking through the peep hole. She almost fainted when she saw Zero at her door. He had dark circles around his eyes, he was dirty, he scratched his skin as he looked at her.

"Hey," he grinned.

"How did you find me?" She asked.

"That's not a way to greet your boyfriend." He said as he tried to open the door, his eyes were twitching, his hands shaking.

"I don't even know you." Mariah said.

"Open the door, Mariah." He said as she tried to shut it.

"No!" She said as she tried to move his foot that was between the door.

He sighed before he pushed the door open, walking inside.

"I brought you this." He said as he pulled a box out of his pocket, closing the door behind him, still having on the clothes from the club.

He got on his knee as she backed away from him. She hoped to god, he wasn't about to do what she though he was. She hasn't even known him longer than forty-eight hours and he was obsessed, acting as if they were in a relationship.

"Mariah J-" he started before she ran to her bedroom, locking the door.

She picked up her phone, dialing the number she knew by heart.

"Mariah?" He answered.

She tried to talk through her tears, "This man... we were at the club..."

"I'm on my way, baby." He said as he drove, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said as she wiped her constant flowing tears.

"Where you at?" He asked.

"In the room. He's in the kitchen, I think." She said, "I'm scared."

"I know baby, I'm almost there. You got that gun I gave you?"

Rod always made sure Mariah had her gun with her. If he wasn't there and couldn't protect her, he wanted her to protect herself. He even showed her how to shoot and aim but deep down he knew Mariah was to scared to ever shoot anyone. He hoped this was an expectation.

"Yeah." She said as she walked to her pantie drawer. She felt through them til she felt the barrel of the .40, she grabbed it as Rod instructed her on what to do.

"He lay a hand on you, you shoot him." Rod said as he tried to speed through the traffic, "Okay?"

"Yes." Mariah said, "I love you."

"I love you too, baby. I'm on my way." Rod said, "I want you to do something for me."

"Okay." She replied.

"Open the door, tell me what he doing."

Mariah walked to the door, opening the door and gasped when she saw him cleaning his pistol.

"H- He has a gun." She said as she watched as Lance's eyes looked into hers as a smirk appeared on his face.

He walked to her as she gasped, trying to close the door but she wasn't quick enough when he pushed the door open.

"Mariah? Riah?" Rod called, the phone on the ground from when she dropped it in fear.

"C'mon baby," Zero said as he walked towards her as she backed up, "All you have to do is say yes and I don't have to kill you."

Rod through the phone across the seat as he pulled into the parking lot of her apartment. He opened his glove department, pulling out his heat. He grabbed his bullets, loading it before he took it off safety. He got out the car, walking to her door.

He braced his self, before he kicked the door. He kicked it again til it busted open. He heard Mariah's shouts before he ran into her bedroom.

"I can't marry you." Mariah cried as he pushed the gun against her temple before the feeling left as soon as it came.

She opened her eyes as she saw Rod on the ground, straddling Zero as he threw punches to his face.

Zane, Suan, D and Terrence walked in. They ran to Rod, trying to pull him off.

"The fuck you doing nigga!" Rod shouted as he continued to rain punched on Zero's swollen face.

Mariah put her hands to her face as she cried. Zero tried to look over at the gun next to him but D picked it up before he could.

"C'mon, Rod!" Terrence said as he pulled his cousin off Zero by his shirt.

Zane and Suan stood in front of Rod so he couldn't go back to Zero.

"You won, nigga. Its over." Zane said as he pushed Rod back. He couldn't let his boy kill Zero in a apartment where the neighbors could hear.

Rod took deep breaths as he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal his white tee. He looked over to Mariah, walking over to her. He picked her up in his arms, hugging her as she cried into his chest.

Zero groaned, his face was swollen, already turning black and blue. D picked him up, throwing him over his shoulder as he walked out the apartment. He put him in the truck of his car, reminding him of the drama with Chico who was dead and gone.

"It's okay, baby." Rod whispered as Mariah continued to cry her eyes out.

"I'm sorry," Mariah cried. It was her fault, she was the one that talked to him, danced with him, gave her number to him.

"What happened?" Rod asked as he sat on the bed, Mariah laying in his lap while Zane and Suan left the room to go in the living room.

"I went to the club with Chante and Miracle, just to get out the house. I saw him, I went over to him, we talked, we danced. He asked for my number and I gave it to him." She cried, "I'm sorry."

Rod hugged her, if he didn't know what she was going through he would of been mad. But he knew she didn't mean for it to go as far as it went.

"He was the one texting you?" He asked.

She nodded her head, "I never texted back though. He came and he asked me to marry him. I swear, the club was the only time I talked to him."

He pulled back and looked at her, "Why didn't you use yo gun?"

"I couldn't." Mariah said as she glanced at the gun on the ground.

Rod sighed, Mariah wasn't the type to hurt another person. He told her about that, would she rather be nice or end up hurt or worse?

"Where'd they take em?" She asked.

"To the trap, he's Zero." He said.

He always told Mariah about what was going on, it was better to keep her safe than hurt.

"He said his name was Lance." She said.

"Baby, he change his identity probably every damn month." Rod said as he laid back on the bed, her laid on his chest.

Mariah frowned once again, "I'm sorry."

"You didn't know, Riah," He said as he stared at her, "I need you back home, it ain't safe for you to be alone. I can't even sleep at night knowing you not with me and when I do I'm dreaming of you getting hurt. I can't have that."

Rod didn't want to have another dream, he still didn't remember the females voice. He knew it wasn't Mariah's, Payton's, or Jasmine's.

Mariah looked up at him, "Okay, but I want to sleep in a different room. We're still not together unless you prove to me you've changed."

Rod nodded his head, "I understand. I have to pay for that door."

"You broke it?" She asked.

He nodded his head before he grabbed her ass, "What I tell you bout these other niggas. This mine," He squeezed it, "This mine," He reached between them and squeezed her breasts softly, "This belong to me only," he cupped her pussy as she moaned, she still had on the tee-shirt. She could feel his fingers pressing down as if she was bare since she wore her thin panties.

"I know." She said as it was a knock on the door that they forgot was still open. Mariah pulled the shirt down further while Rod just looked up.

"We gotta talk bout this shit." Suan said as Rod sat up, still holding Mariah. He stood up and walked to the living room couch, Mariah in his arms.

"D took Zero to the trap." Zane said as he saw Rod look around for D.

He nodded his head just as someone walked in the door again.

"Hell nah." Mariah said as she started to get up when she saw Jasmine walking through the door.

Juicy looked around the fucked up apartment before she turned to Rod and Mariah.

"What you doing here?" Rod asked.

"I gotta tell you something." She said as Mariah tried to get up, pinned to Rod's lap as he held her down.

"You don't have shit to say to me." Mariah said while Zane, Terrence, And Suan sat back to watch the scene.

"Mariah, I know you probably hate my ass but this is serious." Juicy said.

"What's wrong?" Rod asked, noticing the nervousness in Jasmine's eyes.

"Payton's after you, Rod." She said.

"What?" Mariah said as she looked at her in disbelief.

"She's in love with you, Mariah." She said as Rod cursed.

He always knew something was up with Payton, she was more protective of Mariah then a normal person.

"She hates you Rod, because of Riley." She said. Terrence and Mariah perked up, giving Jasmine their full attention when they mentioned Rod's dead brother.

Rod clenched his teeth as he stared at Jasmine, he didn't want to talk about his brother, especially not now. He never knew Payton had anything to do with Riley.

"What Riley got to do with this?" He asked.

"Riley's the father of her daughter." She said.

"That ain't possible." He said. Riley died exactly two years and a three months ago.

"It is! She's two!" She said as Rod buried his head in his hands.

"What'd she tell you?" He asked.

"She said you killed him."

Mariah gasped, Riley was a bright person, always happy. As soon as he got out of high school he went into the military before he came back only to be killed a few months later.

"Hell nah!" Rod shouted as he stood up, Mariah moving out of his lap fast enough, "That's fucking bullshit."

"What happened then, Rod?" Jasmine asked as he shook his head.

"What happened?" Mariah asked as softly as she could, wrapping her arms around Rod from behind. He slowly started to calm down.

"We were arguing in the car," he started, "he was telling me that I was throwing my life away, I coulda had a chance to go to college and make something of myself. I had this drop I had to get done and I couldn't waste time so I drove there, Riley still with me. I don't know what happened. It happened so fast."

A few tears fell down his face as he held his head down, "I got the order wrong, they thought I was trying to fuck them over. I couldn't get to the car quick enough to tell Riley to go. When they saw me look over there, they shot up the car. They killed him."

The flashback played over and over in Rod's head:


"Where you going, R?" Riley asked. He was heated, his baby brother was giving away a future that most people weren't lucky enough to see.

"I gotta handle business." He said as he pulled up onto the side of a abandoned factory.

Riley just shook his head as he watched Rod step out the car.

Rod opened the back door, pulling out a duffel bag full of drugs.

He pulled it over his shoulder before he walked to the other side of the building where he saw two Mexican men, Geno and Rich.

"You got it?" They asked as Rod handed them the bag.

They zipped it open, looking through the bag before they looked back at Rod with a frown, pulling out their gun.

"This not what I fucking ordered!" Geno shouted, "You trying to play me, boy?"

"Nah!" Rod shouted as he put his hands up, "my mistake, dawg. I can fix it and bring it by tomorrow."

"I already paid! The fuck my money at?" Richard asked as he smoothed down his suit.

"I- I- spent it," Rod said remembering he used it for the rent and the money he owed back to a friend.

"Then I guess it's only one way out." Geno elbowed Rod in his stomach causing him to fall to the ground as he coughed, holding his stomach.

He put his foot on Rod's chest, holding him down while Richard pointed his gun to Rod.

Rod looked to his left where his car was on the corner, Richard followed his eyes before a smirk covered his face.

"Riley! Riley!" Rod screamed, trying to get up but Geno's big ass was weighing him down, "Riley! Run! Run!"

Richard started walking over to the other side of the building when Rod finally got the strength to pull Geno off of him.

He ran towards where Richard went as he heard the sounds of gunshots, non stop gunshots.

He pushed Richard on the ground as he landed on top. He rain punches on his jaw as Richard punched back. Rod looked over to the gun that laid in the dirt. He grabbed it, moving out the way just in time to see Geno in front of them, trying to shoot Rod but ended up shooting Richard, right through his head.

Rod raised his hand shooting Geno in the leg as the man fell to the ground, cursing in Spanish. He ran to the car getting inside fast enough as Geno shot as the car as he drove away.

"You good?" Rod asked as he looked over to Riley, he gasped as he saw his brothers eyes closed, a bullet straight to his heart.

Geno sped up as he looked at the shot up car, he smiled when he hit it, ignoring the pain and constant bleeding in his leg.

The car flipped over as it rolled onto the side of the road. Geno sped off, with Richard's corpse in the back of the truck incase the body left any identification of him.

Rod groaned as he lifted his shirt suddenly feeling the pain of the gunshot that he had got from Geno. He breathed up and down slowly as he looked over to his brother, tears leaking down his face.

He always fucked up..


Jasmine held her hand over her mouth as Rod closed his eyes, listening to Mariah's words, telling him it was okay, it wasn't his fault.

"I'm sor-" Jasmine started before she fell to the ground.

Payton stood at the door, her gun smoking as she put it down, watching as blood pooled around Jasmine.

Terrence, Zane, and Suan stood, their guns pointing to Payton while Mariah cried out, running to her cousin.

Payton sent Rod a grin as he stared at her shock.

"Mariah, come with me." She said as her eyes glanced to her.

"Hell no." Rod said, regretting leaving his gun in Mariah's bedroom.

Mariah stood with a frown, "I'll go."

"The fučk! Are you fucking stupid?" Rod shouted.

Mariah wiped her tears before she put up her pinky, the rest of her hand in a fist.

Rod calmed down a little, they made that signal when they were young. It meant 'trust', it was a stupid signal they made just incase something like this actually happened.

Payton smiled, "Go put on your clothes, we'll go for a drive."

Mariah went to her bedroom, slipping on some jeans, shoes, and a black white tee. She made sure she had her gun securely on her hip.

She walked out as Zane, Suan, and Terrence still held their gun at Payton. She glanced at her cousin, that was possibly dead before she looked up at Rod, sending him a smile.

"Lets go."

Payton grabbed her hand before they walked out the apartment, while Rod waited til they drove off so he could follow them.

"So the cats out of the bag." Payton said.

"When did you hook up with Riley?" Mariah asked.

Payton shrugged as she took a sharp turn, "He was just getting home I think, he went to the club to celebrate with a few friends I guess. We talked, we fucked and continued to take for a few months. A month later I found out I was pregnant, I never got the chance to tell him. I think I fell in love with him, he was perfect, so perfect and now he'll never be able to meet his daughter or her him."

"It's not Rod's fault." Mariah said.

"It is!" Payton said, banging her fist against the steering wheel, "if he didn't have to be so fucking stupid!"

Just then it sounded as if a hundred horns were blown at them before Mariah screamed, "Payton!"

Mariah closed her eyes as she felt the impact of the truck, the car flipped to the side but she didn't feel any pain. Nothing.


D dropped Zero's unconscious body on the ground, causing him to wake up.

"What the fuck!" Zero screamed as he looked down at his tied up body.

"You like to send threats?" D asked.

"The fučk you talking bout, man! Let me go!" He screamed.

"We don't play with our money, I heard you wanted to take over." D said as realization sat in Zero's eyes.

"Just kill me then nigga!"

"That would be too nice." D said as he walked out the room before he came back in with a rope.

He tied it to the ceiling before he pulled out a chair. He put the rope around Zero's neck so he stood on the chair. Zero was on his tippy toes, hoping he wouldn't fall off the chair.

D took out his gun as he looked at Zero before he shook his head, putting it back down.

"This ain't my fight." He said before he walked out, closing the door.

A knock on the door came as he walked downstairs. He knew Suan, Terrence, Zane and Rod had the pass code lock and key to the door, so who could it be.

He unlocked the door before he opened it only to feel his heart almost stop beating.

"D Smith, you are under arrest for the murder of Alex Rose Ruge."


Rod watched as the car flipped. He watched as cars swerved, trying not to get involved in the accident. He pulled over, his heart beating faster.

He ran to Mariah's side first.

"Riah? Riah?" He asked before her eyes popped open. The car was upside down, he sighed in relief when she opened her eyes.

He took off her seatbelt, pulling her out the car.

"You okay?" He asked, worriedly.

"I'm fine." She said, "I'm numb."

He went to the other side, going to see if Payton was okay but she wasn't in the car.

He looked around as he heard the ambulance.

His eyes saw something dark before he looked back, Mariah gasped as she stood beside him looking at Payton's body in the grass.

She was dead.


It's all coming to an end with only probably four or three chapters left. I scared y'all with the last update, lmao. I had to give y'all a sign of what was coming next.

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