The Little Prairie Hen

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The prairie hen, best know as 'The Little Red Hen'.




Welcome! Storyteller Bobbie Kinkead HERE! Today's story is one of the first I heard as a child, or maybe read.

Why the folktale of the Little  RED Hen is important?

As a child, the only stories I heard were fishing and hunting stories told by my dad and what my mom told about her relations

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As a child, the only stories I heard were fishing and hunting stories told by my dad and what my mom told about her relations. So, I made up my stories as everyone else did. In Junior High, I went to the library on my bike with a friend (that's another story) and checked out every fairytale book the library had. The Little Red Hen is one of my favorites. A story of 'getting it done' if you must do so yourself with or without friends.

Because she is able, assured, adaptive, affirmed, ambition, assertive, by her accomplishments, achieves abundance. In the story of Little Prairie Hen solves her problem and helps others, who are not willing to help her.

Reading the story you will hear what as all good storytellers do, enhance, elaborate, and re-image, as I did with The Prairie Hen.  I saw these birds as my dad drove across the Alpine plains of Colorado near Hartzel Flats. This hen is my "Little Hen That Could' and also my Grandma Bessie, whom I loved. So I tell in the first person.


I'm a hen and I live on the flat, open prairie with yummy oat grass. A time back not so long ago, I sat on my nest of eggs and thought. Cluck! I need a better way to eat! Hungry, I bustle from my nest to pick up the scattered seeds or scratch for juicy bugs while watching for gliding hawk. I listen for prowling fox or sneaking bobcat while drinking at the creek. Then I scurry back to my eggs to keep them warm.

Now, I guard my chicks as they scratch for bugs and seeds while hiding under the thistles. Always we are in danger. "Cluck! What to do?"

Then while scratching for seeds among the tall grasses, I heard, "Swish! Swish!"

"S Q U A W K!


I was sure hawk found us. Looking up I saw a stock of dried oat berries swaying in the wind left over from last Fall, amazing. I pecked that stock of seeds down and tucked the stock and seeds under my wing.

"Come! Cluck-cluck." I called my chicks. "Cluck!"

*On our way to the thistles walking around the hill, I saw Ground Hog with all his family.

" Hello, Ground Hog, will you help me plant these seeds?"

"Not I!" barked Ground Hog, "I like my hill. My family digs and eats the roots of grasses." He chewed on a root as if the best food in the prairie.

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