Chapter One Hundred Thirty Four

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"There, there, just let it out!" Charlie grimaced as he looked away. He helped Anora keep her hair out of her face as she vomited in the bathroom. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to the toilet and ended up vomiting in the sink. It was in that moment, that Charlie was so thankful for magic when he would be the one to clean it up.

The previous day had ended without Anora throwing up although she was still feeling slightly queasy in the evening. The fresh air certainly seemed to help her a great deal, and moving around settled her stomach. However, while Charlie was not the greatest chef in the world, he could make a decent meal of spaghetti, but immediately Anora found herself feeling sick just looking at it.

She finally slept through the night, but awoke in the early morning hours just to rush to the bathroom. As soon as he heard her vomit, he got out of the bed to help her.

Iggy seemed concerned as well as he stood in the bathroom by his owner's side, meowing every so often as if he was asking if she was okay.

Once the vomiting ceased, Anora leaned her forehead against the mirror that was set over the sink, welcoming the cool feeling to her skin.

"Sweet dragon scales," she breathed, " I feel like I'm dying right now."

"I'm going to call Sebastian in." Charlie said.

"It's probably just a virus or something."

"I don't care what it is, Anora. You're not feeling well...I know you don't like the taste of the medicine but...I don't like watching you vomit."

She sighed. "Fine, fine. I think I'm going to back to bed...after I brush my teeth. " She looked down the sink. "Oh..goodie."

"Don't worry, let me grab my wand and I'll take care of it."

Charlie didn't waste much time, once Anora was back in bed resting with Iggy keeping her company, Charlie left to Sebastian's home.

Charlie only knocked once before the door opened.

"That was prompt."

"I saw you walking up." Sebastian told him. "Seeing as Anora isn't with you, I could only assume she's hurt or something those lines."

"Not hurt, but she's pretty sick."

"Symptoms?" Sebastian asked as he gathered some things to make a house visit.

"Uh, well she wasn't feeling right yesterday, that's for sure. She was nauseous for the most part, but being outside seemed to help her."

"Started in the morning, you said?" Sebastian said.

"Yes. She also threw up this morning...a decent amount. Sorry if that's too much information."

"Trust me Charlie, the things I've seen on this job, nothing is really too much information. Anything else?"

"She's been pretty restless for awhile now too. I mean, she didn't sleep in as it was, but now she's hardly sleeping."

"Well, let's see what we're dealing with, shall we?"

Charlie sat outside watching Iggy walk around the home sniffing several places while Sebastian was inside with Anora. Sebastian wasn't sure if whatever Anora had was contagious, so until he figured it out, he suggested that Charlie stay outside. Which was easy for Sebastian to say but Charlie was freezing outside.

Iggy jumped nearly a foot in the air as a cold winter like wind to ruffle something on the ground behind him.

"Well aren't you looking wonderful this morning." Sebastian smiled as he walked into the room where Anora was still in bed. She lifted her head up from her pillow and glared at him.

"If it wasn't for me feeling like utter shite right now, I'd get out of this bed and punch you."

"That's why I said it now, hopefully by the time you're better you'll forget about this."

"Don't count on it, Sebs." She said lowering her head back down.

"What's going on with you, Anora? Some vomiting and restlessness, anything else?"

"Not really. I was feeling nauseous yesterday and this morning, but since I vomited earlier, I'm feeling better. Not one hundred percent, but better. Can you just give me something to stop this.."

"I have to figure out what we're dealing with first before I give you anything, Anora. Anyways, what's the last thing you've eaten?"


Sebastian became startled as Anora appeared incredibly nauseous just mentioning the word spaghetti. She immediately jumped up from the bed and left to the bathroom where he heard her continue vomiting.

Sebastian's eyes widened for a moment. "Oh...I see."

After what felt like forever, Charlie finally saw Sebastian walked out of the house with a smile on his face which must have meant good news.

"Is she okay, is she going to be alright?" Charlie asked.

"Yup, she's going to be just fine." Sebastian said. "You're both going to be great."

Charlie looked up at him confused. "What?"

"Why don't you go in there and talk to Anora." Sebastian suggested. "You two have some things to go over...also, don't mention the word spaghetti unless you want to see some more vomit."

That didn't help Charlie's confusion as Sebastian left, leaving him to go back into the house.

"Anora?" he called out to her.

"I'm still in here." he heard her voice call from the bedroom.

He walked in quickly and saw her back in bed but this time sitting up. He couldn't read her facial expression as she stared at the wall passed him.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I guess that depends." she said looking at him.

"Depends on what."

"Depends on your reaction to what I'm about to tell you."

Charlie raised a brow. "Well, tell me..whatever it is...I...what is it?" 

For the first time, in a very long time, Anora looked nervous as her eyes met his.

"I'm pregnant, Charlie."

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