Run and Hide

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I don't care how much it hurts, I'm leaving. I manage to get out of bed when Jack goes to the toilet and to get food. He said he'll only be 10-20 minutes. Plenty of time. It's hard to walk but I force myself to. I walk into the hallway and see a sign that says
" canteen ---->
toilets ---->
lift <---- "

Perfect. I get into the lift and select the ground floor. I'm about 10 steps away from the hospital when I hear a voice behind me.
Well, shît. If I don't turn around he might leave. I carry on walking at my snail pace but he walks in front of me and picks me up.
He justs laughing at me so I give up. People these days.

Once I'm back in my bed he asks why I wanted to leave. I told him like an hour ago.
I sigh and say "look, you told the freaking police what happened. She said if the police ever find out then she will find me and kill me slowly and painfully. I don't doubt for a second that she will. So I need to leave, preferably the country. "
"She's in jail, you're safe now. You can be happy"
I can't help but laugh. He's so naive.
"Oh Jack, she'll escape and find me. So imma head to Australia. You wanna tag along?"
"Piper, we aren't leaving the country. The only place we're leaving is the hospital. The doctors say you can go home as long as you stay in bed. So we can go back to mine."
"Fine" I'll think of a plan later but lying in bed in a house seems like a nice idea.

I'm silent the entire ride to this strangers house. I keep seeing madame everywhere. I'm scared. I look at the palms of my hands to see scars and stitches.  I shiver at the memory of what happened in that....... horror house. We get to Sean's house and it looks nice enough. So did the orphanage.  Sean unlocks the door and I'm surprised that she isn't there.  60% of me thought she would be.
I get lead into a room with a made bed and flowers in the window.  Makes a difference from the blood stained tissues. And ohmygosh,  the bed has a proper mattress!! Jack makes sure I'm okay and comfortable then leaves the room. A girl could get used to this. Jack brings food and a drink. When was the last time I had food? Like 3 days ago? I eat my food and drift off to sleep.

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