The Alpha Has Magic?

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 Dedicated to Simpsonizer898 Her comment made me laugh. I enjoy all comments.

It was Monday morning, and I wanted to get to school a little early and hang out with Rachel, and Charlotte. I realized I haven't talked to them in a few days. Our Principal was a werewolf and generally separated the humans and werewolves at lunch. I ate during first lunch, Rachel, Charlotte, and Brian ate during second lunch. There were, of course, some humans during our lunch, First lunch was bigger; we had a lot more students eating then.

As I pulled up to the school, a few of my friends were already there. I sent a text To Rachel and told her I would meet her by the Oak tree in ten minutes, and stopped off and hung with my fellow pack members for a bit. Lacey, Malik, and Kyle were already there. Today Mandy returned so Tyler would be riding in with her I was sure. Most of my friends got along good with Rachel, but the guys didn't like Brian too much. I personally think they didn't like having their girls around him, but they always said he was an asshole. Charlotte was shy and used to have a huge crush on Tyler, so she tried to avoid him whenever she could.

"Hey, guys, Kyle where is your mate, Renee? I thought she was starting today? I asked him.

"She will be here, her father is driving her and Max up so he can meet Alpha Stevens." He said.

"I will be back shortly I'm going to go find Rachel and them," I said.

"We will go with you," Malik said. "I want to introduce Lacey to some more people."

As we approached the tree, I saw Rachel and Brian already there.

"You have been avoiding me, Izzy, I have been calling you all weekend," Brian said.

I sighed remembering his party, I felt bad but I couldn't really explain that to him. What was I supposed to say? He didn't even know werewolves existed, let alone what a mate was.

"I'm sorry it's just we have been so busy, you know with my parent's social calendar and all. I sent you a few texts." I told Brian. "I would like to introduce everyone to Lacey she is new here," 

"I'm Brian and this is Rachel," Brian said introducing himself.

I could see Malik was watching Brian like a hawk. Brian didn't really try to get girls he just did. They flocked to him like he was the most delicious ice cream they ever had. I was happy to see Lacey, didn't seem interested. She was being nice and seemed happy to meet new people but that was it.

"You guys make a cute couple." Lacey giggled and pointed to Rachel and Brian.

"Oh no, no way, we are barely even friends." Rachel said shaking her head profusely.

We all laughed as we all knew how much she couldn't stand Brian. I could see Melly and her mate Brad approaching from a distance. I waved her over. She looked really cute today in her white skinny jeans and pink top. She had some opened toed little-heeled sandals as well.

After introductions were over, I noticed Tyler and Mandy still had not arrived. Usually, Melly was the last one here.

"Where are Tyler and Mandy? I asked

"I saw them pull in right after me." Charlotte who had just joined us said.

"I'm sure Tyler just wanted to spend some quality time with his girl since she has been gone for a week," Kyle said.

I had almost forgotten his mate was starting school here today. Our small little group just got bigger.

"What lunch do you have Brad?" I asked

"Well, no one knows it yet, but we are going to be doing away with second lunch. They should be announcing it today." Melly said.

I gave her a questioning look but she only added." My mom told me, she had heard it at PTA or something."

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