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     June Haight felt incredibly torn.

     Quil Ateara was the first to blame — his sudden kiss sent her mind into a downward spiral, and afterwards, she pushed him away and requested for him not to see her until she could wrap her mind around it. Sure, she was thrilled he wasn't ignoring her anymore, but at this point, she didn't know what to expect of him. One day, he was acting as if she was the plague and the next, he was kissing her with so much passion that it made June feel dizzy.

     Amber was no help. Somehow, being her nosey self, she found out about Quil and June's kiss. June was adamant on not speaking to her about it, but Amber was too curious to know any better.

     Currently, she was sticking her nose into affairs that didn't pertain to her.

     "June, how much more affirmation do you need? Quil kissed you, and I'm sure that's a positive sign. Why would you- and hell, why are you still packing boxes?"

     "Because I'm leaving in less than three months, Amber."

     "Your parents haven't even made the effort to pack! They obviously don't want to move."

     June rolled her eyes at Amber's sense of reasoning. The Ateara girl was currently sitting on top of June's bed, her chin cradled into the palm of her hand as she continued to complain about June's departure. June had to admit — ever since Quil kissed her, moving to New York sounded less appealing. However, since she was still her stubborn self, she would continue to deny her feelings for Quil and board that plane just to prove her point.

     June sighed, tying up her hair in a high ponytail. Amber was pouting, spewing reasons as to why June should stay. After all, June was one of Amber's best friends and the center of the local gossip for the past few months. And if there was anything Amber loved over everything, it was drama.

     "Do you mind helping me sort out my closet? I need to figure out what to pack first."

     Amber shook her head, refusing to stand from her spot. "He's hurting, you know. Has been since you pulled away from that kiss."

     It was as if Amber was making June feel guilty on purpose. June didn't want to harm Quil's feelings, but she was at a loss of what to do. Would this be what their relationship would be like everyday? Constant mood swings and sudden changes in feelings? June didn't know if she could handle that. Quil was giving her mixed signals and June wasn't receiving them well.

     "Amber, what can I tell you? I tried my best with him until he abandoned me. We could've been something important, but he decided to hang out with my ex-boyfriend and ignore me for weeks. Right now, my only solution is to get the hell out of here," June huffed. Walking over to her closet, she started taking clothes off of the hangers.

     Amber was furiously typing away at her phone, but June paid no attention to her. That was, until the doorbell rang.

     Amber shot up. "I'll get it!"

     June waved her off, but ceased her packing when she heard whispering voices coming from downstairs.

     "Amber, I shouldn't be here. She doesn't want me here, remember?"

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