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     "TELL ME YOU'RE NOT screwing my cousin over for your pathetic ex-boyfriend."

     "Amber, if you haven't noticed, I need to get ready."

     The unwelcome guest crossed her arms, staring blankly at June. After Quil called his cousin that morning to explain why he was canceling their plans for prom, Amber stormed over to the Haight house. She knew of June's relationship with Jake. It was well known throughout the reservation and she didn't want to have her cousin weeping on her doorstep. "June, this isn't fair to Quil."

     June scoffed, pulling her dress out of her closet to examine it. "Why do you automatically assume I'm leading Quil on?" Amber frowned, pushing her chestnut locks behind one ear. She fixed her brown jacket when it started to slide off her shoulder. June noted that Amber looked absolutely nothing like Quil; the only resemblance being their tanned skin.

     "I just thought-"

     "You thought I was still hopelessly in love with Jacob. Newsflash, Amb, I may have bought this dress for him, but he sure won't have the pleasure of seeing what's underneath it."

     Amber's eyes widened. June was different from when she had visited her months ago. Back then, she was listing all of the opportunities for her and Jake's future. She had plans for them to go to college together, get married, and raise their children. "So you genuinely want to go with Quil tonight? No evil plan behind it?"

     "Yes," June sighed, setting her dark blue gown on the bed. She ran her hands over the fabric before smirking, facing Amber with her hands on her hips. "Care to help me impress your cousin?" The girl smiled and threw her bag down on the floor, clapping her hands together.

     "Let's do it."

     The girls were working on June's appearance in no time. Amber was curling her hair whilst June was painting her own nails. They gossiped when the silence became unbearable, and Amber couldn't help but release some of Quil's secrets. "He was so energetic this morning. He confessed you guys kissed and basically applauded himself for it." June giggled, waving her hands around to let the polish dry. "What happened anyway?"

     "It was a spur of the moment," June shrugged. "I anticipated regretting my decision the next morning, but I didn't."

     "Wait," Amber paused, a surprised expression painting her face. "Did you guys-"

     "No!" June denied. "We only kissed on the couch. He went home after we heard my parents' car pull up in the driveway."

     "Figures," Amber resumed her work with June's hair and the curling iron. "Quil's mouth probably wouldn't have closed on the phone if you had. I swear, that boy needs to stop coming to me with his problems."

     "It's hard when your two best friends ditch you." Amber felt guilt build up in her stomach. Her phone didn't ring the night Embry joined Sam's group. Her aunt divulged that Quil was in a state of distress, and his emotions became even more clouded when Jake left. "Hopefully, Sam's posse won't attend tonight."

     "I doubt it. Everyone in La Push thinks they're sketchy. They wouldn't come to a dance and witness all of the judging glares from their classmates."

     "Oh, look at you!" They heard June's mother exclaim. She stood under June's doorway, gushing over her daughter even though June hadn't changed into her dress yet. "Amber, it's sweet to see you. Are you going with Quil?"

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