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     JUNE COULD STILL REMEMBER the first time Jacob told her he loved her. They were laying on his bed, June's head on his chest and his fingers tangled in her hair. The sounds of the living room television could be heard through his walls, including Billy's shouts of glee. June would giggle whenever she made out the distinctive noise of a glass cup falling over and Billy's incoherent curses. Jacob would be embarrassed, his cheeks flashing a pink color. He pushed back some strands of her raven locks, kissing her forehead. "I love you." He whispered it so lowly that June almost didn't hear it. Her head darted up, eyes wide. Jacob didn't feel any guilt or remorse; he meant every word. She moved up to kiss his lips and grinned.

     "I love you too."

     June couldn't believe that memory was real. The situation had changed completely. She pressed down on her pencil, fluttering her eyes shut as the vision resurfaced. She felt a gentle hand rest on hers and she pried her eyes open, staring into Quil's. He offered a small smile and took the writing utensil away, closing her notebook and tossing it on the floor. "You okay? Want me to make you hot chocolate?" He was over for another one of their study sessions, but June's mind was somewhere else. She wasn't writing any of the correct answers, and Quil knew that 25 wasn't the answer for ten questions in a row.

     She shook her head and sighed. "No, I'm good. Just had a bad thought." He nodded in understanding. Days ago, Bella started hanging out with Jacob again. Something must've happened between the two because they were acting like Jacob never ditched her in the first place. It was Bella's turn to dodge Quil's calls and he was furious. June was tearing herself apart and the two were joyously parading around together. Worst of all, Sam kept staring at him like he was the next one. Like he was going to join him. As much as he wanted his friends back, Quil wasn't going to leave June. Sam could try, but he wouldn't succeed.

     "Well, look up, buttercup. We're going shopping tomorrow, remember?" He wiggled his eyebrows, delighted to hear the laugh come out of her mouth. Quil never thought he would be traveling to Port Angeles to sit in frilly boutiques and tell June what she looked good in. Although, he would do anything if it meant making June happy.

     "Right. Are you excited to be holding all my shopping bags for me?" She teased. Quil rolled his eyes and nudged her shoulder.

     "Of course. It'll be the highlight of my week." It was silent for a while before June cleared her throat. She was picking at the fabric of her new dress. Her parents didn't object when she wanted to throw out everything in her closet. Jacob hurt her in more ways than one, and it was clear that she earned her right to have something new.

     "Do you think things will ever go back to normal?" She asked, keeping her gaze on him. Quil knew what he wanted to say, which was to confess he loved her and that she didn't need her old life anymore. She was far from being a pariah at school, and basically had people worshipping her. If June focused on her studies, she could leave La Push without any regrets.

     "You don't need him, Hurricane June. You don't need anybody else but yourself." She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. Quil buried his head into her shoulder, a feeling of warmth cascading his body. He was constantly at ease when he was with June, like they were supposed to be together forever. "And I'm hoping you'll need me too."

     "I'll always need you, Quil."

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     Harry Clearwater's death held a strong impact on the reservation. He was a beloved friend, husband, and father. People gathered at the Clearwater house to offer their condolences or help Sue with daily tasks. June was the first to volunteer, sweeping up the kitchen floor and cooking dinner if required. Quil wasn't close to Seth or Leah, but he expressed he would be there if they wanted him. He was on his way to pick up June when Jacob approached. He was persistent in talking to his former friend, even when Quil almost punched his nose.

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