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     JUNE USED TO BELIEVE that she was lucky to fall in love with Jacob Black. Most of the girls on the reservation loved him and he was definitely easy on the eyes. He was always a gentleman — opening doors for her, buying her flowers, and comforting her when the world was too harsh. Their relationship was filled with laughter and smiles. June never thought she would see the day when Jacob would leave her for a girl with a pale complexion and dark brown eyes.

     Her world came crashing down. She couldn't bother to face the outside, which was cold and lonesome. Jacob skipped school for the next few days. He was devastated that he had to break up with June but the moment he looked into those wide pupils, the same ones he had fallen in love with, he knew she wasn't the one.

     That shattered him the most.

     Embry and Jacob left to join Sam. The reservation was desolate without the abundance of boisterous cackles coming from the beach, the former group of friends sipping beer and chortling about useless ideas. Quil and June were both deserted and betrayed. It brought them closer in a way they never expected, but Quil didn't mind it. He made daily trips to June's house but there wasn't much chatter. She made him hot chocolate and they sat on her living room couch, taking pleasure in the silence. It wasn't that they didn't have anything to say; they both just needed the presence of a friend without a word spoken.

     "How are you?" Quil was usually the first to ask the question. June looked like a mess, but he didn't dare say anything about her appearance. She had circles under her eyes, her hair was strewn over the fabric of her baggy sweater, and her lips were chapped. She had to throw away most of the memorabilia in her bedroom. Everything Jacob had given her over the course of their relationship was disposed of like it meant nothing.

     "I don't know," June whispered. She blinked lazily, the fatigue slowly starting to take over. "How do I look?"

     Quil bit his tongue. He moved closer and rested his hand on top of hers. Tears were threatening to spill out of June's eyes, but she attempted to keep them back. If anything, Jacob was extremely fortuitous to date a girl like June. He should be the one sobbing in his room instead of running around with Sam. "June, you can't keep doing this to yourself."

     "They abandoned us, Q," she hissed. Her eyes met his for the first time that day, but Quil wished she kept her gaze somewhere else. He couldn't handle the broken look in her orbs. "Left us like we were dirt. Doesn't that make you angry?"

     "Of course it does, June. That doesn't mean you should give him the benefit of seeing you so upset. You're better than everyone in this town, and you should show it. Prove to Jake that he lost the best thing that's ever happened to him."

     Quil was taken aback when she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him closer to her body. He placed his coffee mug on the table before enclosing the space between them. He slithered his arms around her torso, a mixed scent of strawberry and vanilla wafting through his nose. She squeezed him once, sniffling quietly into his ear. "Thank you, Quil."

     "Anything for you, Hurricane June."

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     June bounced back before anyone could breathe Jacob's name. She wore a fresh set of clothes, something Jacob had never gotten the opportunity to see her in. She deleted his contact from her phone and officially listed new friends to replace her old ones. She became the beautiful girl in La Push who everyone adored. Guys left messages in her locker and girls took Emily's old place. June didn't bother to call Emily back since her partner was the one assisting Jacob during his change. She got Quil to break out of his shell and the both of them confessed secrets that no one else knew. They were closer than ever, and Jacob was envious.

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