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     "THIS IS SILLY," Jake remarked, watching June's reflection in the vanity mirror. She was braiding his long hair, persisting that he would look handsome if he allowed her to do it. She rolled her eyes and brushed through his messy strands.

     "Relax, Jake. Embry and Quil aren't here to judge you." The two boys would often join June and Jake, even when they wanted them to leave to have some time for themselves. June watched as her boyfriend observed her careful movements. "Would you rather have it in your face all the time?"

     "No," he grumbled. There was a knock on the door and June turned, seeing Billy Black push it open. He raised an eyebrow at the scene before him.

     "Hey, Billy," she greeted. The man smiled fondly. He knew that June and Jake were perfect for one another. He couldn't ask for a better girlfriend for his son. "Just doing Jake's hair."

     "I see that," he spoke, amused. "Are you joining us for dinner, June?"

     "I can cook it if you'd like. I'll start as soon as this one," she nudged the russet skinned teenager. "Is all touched up and pretty." Jake rolled his eyes. His girlfriend had a habit of embarrassing him in front of others. He learned to get used to it, mostly because he loved June with all of his heart.

     "Thank you," Billy nodded. He couldn't lie; he enjoyed her meals. The taste and flavor were like fireworks shooting in his mouth. If the couple ever got married, Billy would be eternally grateful that Jake found someone who was so good at cooking. He wheeled away from his son's bedroom to give them some privacy.

     She started to divide Jake's hair into three sections before crossing them over. He examined the way her face twisted as she concentrated. He smiled at how adorable June was. He leaned his head back and before she could protest about him ruining the hairstyle, he brought her head down and pressed his lips to hers. She giggled at the sudden action. "What was that for?" She asked breathlessly, pulling away from him.

     "For being the best girlfriend ever," he explained, interlocking his fingers around hers. She felt her heart skip a beat at the compliment. He sure knew how to make a girl feel special. "Now, can we stop the braid? I'll have to live with my hair being in my face."

     The common haircut for guys around La Push was to keep it long. Jake's was at his shoulder, along with Embry. Quil had his short, often complaining that he hated when the wind would blow and his hair went flying. Personally, June liked Quil's hair lessened. The trimming suited his face better.

     "Alright," she reluctantly agreed. She let go of the plait, combing through his mane to return it to the normal style. A knock was heard from downstairs, and she heard the door unlatch. Cackles filled the air and June sighed. "Guess I'm making dinner for an extra two." Jake smiled apologetically before the two boys entered, disrupting the quiet atmosphere.

     Quil marveled at the sight of his friend's girlfriend. He swore that June was the most gorgeous girl on the reservation and Jake was a lucky man. He would kill to date a lady like June Haight. Embry pushed him playfully, taking him out of the vivid trance. "Jake, please tell Quil that he's a moron."

     Jake didn't skip a beat. "You're a moron, Quil." Embry pushed his hair behind his ear, laughing. Quil was focused on the brunette hovering over her boyfriend. She was stroking his locks absentmindedly and he desperately wished he was in Jake's place.

     Quil wasn't idiotic. He knew that when girls glanced at the trio, the first acclamation was thrown towards Jake or Embry. He always felt like the runt of the litter. He even had to take his cousin to prom because nobody desired to date him.

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