Thûg Løvëë 

Bahja is that badd bitch with supermodel face and ciara body .Every boy want to be with that body But every girl want to have the body .She could get any boy in the world but she choose not to .Ray is a Local young gangsta with money ,car's,hoe's,house's,trap's,everything you can think of .He had it all.Every girl wants ray to be they baby daddie.Bahja daddie warned her about thugs like him .Her dad got locked up for that shit,so she promised him she would never in her life be with someone like ray.Her best friend's Amari,Zonnique,Tonija dont think she can have him anyways but she dont care what they say but when they keep bugging her she makes a bet with them for $1000 of course she would say yes cuz she could get them new brands Lmao but she let them get throught her head and do it .She start hanging with him but when they start being close and closer she start catching feeling but what would happen next?

I made this story cuz 2ChainzlilSis have made me be more creative by her story Gutta Chick this storys going to be really different about Bahja&Ray she going to be caught up with ..............................

Thûg Løvëë  will she make it to the end ?

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