4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{11.}

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~*One Week Later*~ 


"I still don’t like this place." I said as I ate my breakfast. 

"Well, Xavier honey, its been a whole week you’ve drove around and looked around, so I don’t know what to say about that." My mother said drinking her coffee. 

"You can say all of this has been a joke for a week Xavier or you can go live by yourself and go to your old school Xavier…you can say that mom." 

"I’m tired of your attitude, Xavier is that good enough. Sometime I wish your father was still alive god rest his soul, I don’t know what to do with you." She said with tears whaling up in her eyes, as she walked away from the table. 

"Mom, come on mom I’m sorry I didnt mean to ... FINE I’m off to hell i mean school." 

"Why would you make mom cry like that? You know she's still sad about dad dying and stuff what’s wrong with you jerk!!" 

"Go tell mom we’re leaving then get in the car, Sadie." 

"Ughhh!" She said stomping off down the hallway. 

"Hurry up." I said walking outside and starting the car. 

"Here's you new key, jerk face hope you remember where the Jr. High is!" Sadie said sarcasticly. When we got to Leighton Jr.High, Sadie began to get nervous. 


"What, We’re here and i didnt get lost either. Arent you happy." 

"I don’t wanna go now!!" 

"What do you mean you don’t want to go now, I don’t believe out spoken say whatever she wants Sadie doesn’t wan to go to school!!" 

"Well it’s a new school in another town Xavier ... I can’t do it!" She said looking into my eyes. 

"When you started Jr.High back in Stax County you wern’t nervous what happen?" 

"Well I had friends from elementary school there with me." 

"Sadie, look I’m just like you, I'm nervous about going to a new school too and to make it worse it’s High School, just be yourself like you are at home walk into that school like you own the place, and if you’re the Sadie I know just walk up to random people and talk to them." 

"Okay." She said with a half smile. 

"Trust me Sadie, you will have friends wanting to come over to the house in no time!" 

"You really think so Xavier?" 

"Think so I know so now hurry, so I won’t be late for my first day!!" 

"Okay, thanks Big bro." 

"Your welcome now give me a hug." 

"Eww Xavier, people are going to see me hugging my brother and then they really won’t like me." 

"Ohh okay fine, hurt you brother’s feelings like that." I said looking down with a sad face. 

"Okay, fine" She said giving me a quick hug and hoping out the car. As I pulled off and looked through my rear view mirror i could see Sadie already talking to a girl who pionted to her shoes, covered her mouth, then wrap her arm around her sholder. I got to school just in time to get to my 1st class which was math, before the bell rang. 

"Are you the new student?" 

"Yeah, Xavier---" 

"Newsom right?" The teacher said cutting me off. 

"Yes that’s right Mrs---" 

"Copleman, well you can have a seat any where I don’t assign seat." I took a seat next to a girl with a colorful mohawk and a guy that was already asleep. 

"Okay class today We are going to---" 

"Sorry I’m later Mrs. Copleman here’s my note" 

"Okay Mrs. Ericson have a seat, your excused." I looked up from my book, to see the heavy breathing late girl. 

"CASSIDY!" I said to myself as she sat in the empty seat two rows over, I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing right. And I was. 

"Okay as I was saying ... turn to page ...." I tuned the teacher out and just stared at Cassidy’s beautiful face contemplating on if I should talk to her after class or not, seeing that I haven’t spoken with her since two days after I dropped her off the last day of summer camp. 

"Dude, Dude!" The girl with the mohawk said tapping me on my shoulder. 

"huh whaa ... I cleared my throat … Yeah?" 

"Okay so 1. Snap out of it and 2. Stop staring at Cassidy Ericson, your never gonna get her, she doesn’t talk to any guy or girl that try’s to get with her so you might as well give up now!" 

"Yeah, she right." The guy that was sleeping at first said chiming in. 

"What makes you say that?" 

"She just doesn’t, Ohh I'm Heather and that’s snooze his real name is Richard but we call him snooze cause---" 

"He sleeps so much?" 

"Exactly, You catch on fast!" The teacher cleared her throat and tapped her marker on the board.

“Heather, Xavier are you two done with your conversation?" I looked over at Cassidy only to catch her very surprised facial expression and quick head turn and angry frown. 

"Yes, mam, were done ... Right Xavier?" 

"Huh uh yeah were done." 

"Good oh and Richard, wake up. This is a math class not nap time in KK-02. If you want to nap go over to Lander Elementary, I’m sure they will be happy to have to sleep all you want there." The class giggled and turned from Snooze to Mrs. Copelman. 

"It’s snooze." He said with a slurred sleepy speech, and wiping his eyes. Heather laughed at the way the teacher was looking at snooze.

“Okay Snooze, Wake up unless you want this week to be detention week.” 

“Yes Mam.” Snooze said finally awake, the teacher went back to writing on the board.

"Let me see your schedule!" She whispered. 

"Here you go." 

"Oh we got the same lunch, we’ll talk more after class!" She said giving me a wink and pushing snooze's sholder to wake him up again. I chuckled, then continued to look at Cassidy off and on as I did my work, wondering what she was thinking.

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