4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{10.}

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"Well you need any help I can get Carlos too--" 

"No, I got it okay Sasha!" I rolled my eyes and continued to pull my bags. 

"Hey, Cassidy I--" Xavier said as he walked into the cabin, I turned around to see Sasha topless, looking for her shirt. 

"Do you think you can put those away, their a little distracting don’t you think?" 

"Ohh sorry, I didn’t see him come in." She said throwing on a shirt. 

"Xavier!" I said snapping my fingers. 

"Oh uh, I ... uh the car! Its ready is this all your bags babe?" 

"Yeah, let’s get out of here." I said looking at Sasha then turning back to Xavier. 

"Well this is my car" 

"Nice!!" I said throwing my bags in the trunk and giving him a kiss. 

"You ready?" 

"Of Course, Goodbye Camp Zuma" I said waveing and closing the car door. 



"No, I live in Lanchester not Leighton … I told you, you missed the exit babe" 

"No, I don’t think---" 

"See that’s the exit for Vornado...You have to turn around!" I said laughing at his facial expression. 

"Ha ha, Its not funny Cass." He said turning the sterring wheel. About an hour later we were pulling up at my house. 

"Finally I’m home." I said sarcasticly. 

"What you say?" 

"Nothing umm you can just help me with my bags up to the door." 

"Ohh okay." He said opening the trunk and pulling out a bag. 

"This is a nice house!!" 

"Thanks maybe it’s nice on the outside but I don’t know about the inside knowing my mom its probably paper work every where." I joked,while unlocking the door. 

"Well can I come in?" 

"Uhh I dont think--" 

"Great." He said grabbing my bag and pushing open the door. 

"Xavier!" I wined and steped inside. 

"Baby, Your house is not that bad. It’s actually clean." 

"Okay now you can go, thanks for bringing my bags in but… ahbuhbye!"  

"Where’s your room?" 

"NO, ohh no you can’t see my--" 

"Found it. What the ... Cass are these your's" He said hold up a pair of my victoria secret underwear. 

"No, and did you go through my dresser? Now you really have to go!!" 

"No you have a big pile of cloths all sorted out on your bed." 

"Well put it down and come on." I said pulling his arm. 

"Come here." He said pulling me into his arms with force and kissing me on the lips, I couldn’t resist kissing him back. I pushed my cloths off the bed and motioned my index finger to join me on the bed, Xavier pulled his shirt off and climbed on top of be pulling his jacket that I had been wearing since the day we met off then my shirt, after that my pants and underwear. 

"Ohh yeah Xavier." I screamed as he went inside of me and kissed my neck at the same time. He began to move faster and his body got tighter as he went in and out breathing harder with every grunt, he began to use his fingers again to help me relax. I felt like my body had melted. There was no more pain I felt when we had sex just joy and love. 

"It’s okay baby, I won’t hurt you, I love you too much to do that!" 

"Stop talking and kiss me because I know … I took a deep breath and bit my bottem lip as he went faster … I love you too." I kissed his lips again as he rolled off of me both of us out of breath. 


"Yeah?" He said staring at me and breathing hard. 

"Babe, look!" 


"Look." I said pointing at the white liquid on the the sheets. 

"Xavier, you sure you don’t know what that is?" 

"No, I don’t. I promise." 

"I’m going to look it up later." I said forgetting to wipe it up, and kissing his chest, up to his neck and then his lips as we started all over again. Later Xavier went to sleep after the third round so I pulled the covers over his body and took a shower after my shower he was awake and putting on his cloths. 

"Your leaving?" 

"Yeah it’s 2:30 something, I got to go." 

"Ohh yeah your sister." I said wrapping my arms around his shoulders. 

"I think you should put some cloths on your naked fresh out the shower body is turning me on right now and I just put my cloths back on." He joked while looking me up and down. I smacked my lips and used my arms to shield my nude body.

"Yeah maybe I should" I said throwing on his sweat shirt that stopped at my knee’s and met him at the door of his car. 

"I'll call you when I get home okay!!" 

"You’d better and thanks for the going away gift, I love you!!" 

"Your welcome, I’ll give you that gift anytime. love you too." Xavier started his car and pulled off. I waved one last time and went into the the house locked the door and laid down thinking about the next time I would ever see Xavier again.

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