My Perfect Mistake: Extras

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Hey guys! So the story is now over *Sad face* but I thought I would make a 'Extras' portion for My Perfect Mistake. Basically the point of this 'Extras' portion is to let you guys in on how My Perfect Mistake was supposed to end up and to give you a little info about the people who played each character and why I chose some of them to play the characters. (:

Hope you all enjoy this 'Extras' Page! 💖


Let's start with the stuff that was supposed to happen in the story:

1. Sean was originally not going to help Anabelle with the pregnancy.

I had planned for Sean to be in the story but he was not going to be in the baby's life or help Anabelle out for the matter. He was going to stay with Kayla and Sean and Kayla together were going to give Anabelle a hard time. Which leads to number two.

2. Anabelle and Sean were originally not going to end up together.

Like I said in number one, Sean was supposed to stay with Kayla and Anabelle was actually supposed to end up being with Jason and he was going to help Anabelle with the pregnancy.

3. Derek was never supposed to move back to Connecticut.

Derek was originally going to stay in California and not return. But I did have a plan to have Derek visit a few times but not stay. Which also means that Derek and Lianne were not supposed to end up together either. Which leads me to number four.

4. Lianne was supposed to end up with Chase.

Since I originally planned for Derek to stay in California, Lianne was going to end up with Chase. Not much to explain here.

5. Anabelle was actually going to have her mom in the picture and her dad was supposed to be elsewhere, married to someone else.

Not much to explain here. I've read a lot of stories where the character didn't have a dad due to certain reasons, so I decided to change it to where Anabelle's dad was in the picture and her mom had passed away.

6. Anabelle was supposed to have a boy.

I originally was going to have Anabelle have a boy because I personally want a son more than I want a daughter but I changed it so that she had girl because of the fact that I changed Anabelle having her dad in the picture instead of her mom, so I wanted the baby to be named after her mom, since it would be more of sentimental thing.

7. Anabelle's dad was supposed to pass away from the cancer.

I had it planned to where they found Anabelle's Dad's cancer too late, so that treatment wouldn't be enough to cure it because it was at the last stage and her dad was going to pass away but I decided against it. I really thought about it and I thought about how you only hear about those who pass away from cancer or hear that people with cancer are going to die but we barely talk about those who survive or realize there are lots of cancer patients who beat the cancer.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wanted to write about how he beat the cancer rather than him dying from it. Do you get me? I hope I worded this right or you all understand where I'm getting at. It's hard to explain, I guess.

Well this concludes this portion of the Extra's section now onto the next portion. This portion is gonna have a little info about the people who play each of the main characters and why I chose some of them:

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