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                                                                                      Saturday April 2nd, 2016

Dear Reader, 

Happy April fools you guys! I'm sorry for being a day late. I was just going through stories on wattpad and found 3 I had high expectations for. I thought were going to be good, but it turned out the exact opposite. 

I looked at the cover, summary, number of views and votes and found they were all high. So I could not comprehend why they were terrible stories. I mean, usually when you inspect and search for books the ones with the best covers and high ratings are the ones with the best plot. This strategy seems not to apply to this site. I'm just disappointed. It's like getting your favorite kind of Ice cream from the store and realizing when you get home and open it it's molded and nasty. I know that there is nothing to do about this but, it's just me complaining here. Anyone else relate? Hope you have a good day.

Say goodbye and say hello,


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