Chapter Eight: Crushed

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I wasn't sure what time it was when the motorcycles came to a halt. Moments later I felt myself lifted into Spade's arms and carried. I opened my eyes noting that we were entering a house and it definitely wasn't my parents' home. Kieran and Leia weren't too far behind. Spade continued carrying me up a set of stairs. Before opening a door to a room that was encased in silver and black. I was placed on the bed and my shoes tugged off, before being left alone. I struggled to get from the bed as I heard Leia's sobs.

The mutter of Kieran's deep voice continued for a while as he spoke to her. Soon, her sobs were replaced with the sounds of moans and I closed my eyes. Even if it was a temporary fix, it would take her mind off things. Kieran's groans were the next thing I heard. They were making out and I couldn't help but feel like I wasn't worth a grain of salt for being curious to experience all that was going on. At the same time, I couldn't help but wonder if that was really what she needed. It seemed strange to sleep with another man to drown out the fact that another broke your heart. Maybe, it was the easy way out. Or way of going back to her old ways of sleeping with any man who caught her attention.

"Drink this," Spade said from the door of the bedroom. As he walked in, he kicked the door closed and I watched cautiously as he headed for the bed.

"Relax, it's just water. I don't take advantage of drunk women. And this is my bedroom. This is a two bedroom house. We're sharing this room and your sister is with my brother in the other."

Did that mean he took advantage of women who were sober?

I shrugged and found myself drinking from the glass. This night was so unlike me, but I had been lucky to have someone who wasn't taking advantage of me. My sister was her usual self. She wasn't even sure if I was safe, but she needed that time to herself. I found myself lying in the bed for a while. I heard Spade's boots hit the floor and the sound of a belt buckle coming undone. Then, he slid into the bed next to me and pulled me into his arms.


I didn't remember falling asleep, but when I woke up Spade was lying on his side, studying me. I felt like a freak. Did I have something on my face? Maybe slob? I didn't believe I snored and I couldn't feel any drool on my face...So why the hell was he watching me so intently? I began to feel self-conscious immediately. Oh Lord, all my make-up was probably smeared and I looked a deranged raccoon. That was the only explanation. I groaned loudly in embarrassment.


Why hadn't I tried to sleep on the couch?

Spade was a complete stranger. Kieran was too. Alcohol and me couldn't remain friends for much longer. I let my guard down and anything could of happened. I was lucky that Spade seemed like a decent guy and hadn't done anything to me. And now he was seeing me in a way that no one but my family and closest friends saw. I didn't even want to imagine what was running through his head. I probably really did look like a deranged wild animal. Better yet a damn feign.

Fuck, I had a cinch for danger and embarrassing situations.

Must be a Porter trait.

Looking at him, I reached for my phone. Shit, what time was it? My mouth felt extremely dry and I found myself scrambling to sit up in the bed. He was lying there with nothing on, but a pair of boxer shorts. For a moment, I found my gaze frozen to the sight of his abs. talk about a man that worked out. His stomach was riddled with small scars and the sight of the ongoing to six pack was impressive. Not anywhere near as impressive as the 'v', though. That was plain sexy. I looked away as I finally glanced down at my phone.

It was well past eight in the morning and I knew I wasn't going to make it to school, anytime soon. I had missed notifications. Unlocking the phone, I looked at the messages lining up. Nalani, Enzo, Vanessa, and Eve had all messaged me at various times of the night. One text message from Eve specifically caught my eye. She had covered for me, saying that when my parents called looking for me. She had told them that Leia had dropped me off over her house and we had spent most of the night hanging out, before going to sleep.

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