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"Riles, calm down. Seriously! Why are you so nervous?"

"Because, Maya it has been ten years since we graduated highschooland if you hadn't noticed I am a completely different person."

"You still freak out over silly things, that hasn't changed." the blonde mumbled

"Physically Maya. I have physically changed."

"You were always gorgeous Riley, you know that." Riley glanced at her bestfriend and the bright blue eyes were piercing her soul.

"Don't lie to me. I got contacts, my braces are gone and I learned how to use makeup... and a curling iron. Not to mention, I dress a lot better." Riley stared at herself in her vanity, while she played with her long chestnut hair.

"Riles, you are the sweetest and prettiest girl I know, who cares what people from highschool think?" She watched Riley fall into a daze, "No Riles, not Lucas! How can you not have gotten over him? Seriously, he's probably more of a tool now than he was in highschool!"

"First off, I know nothing is going to happen and secondly he was not a tool. He was actually very sweet he was nice to me when no one else was."

"He was nice to you because you are the reason he passed Physics."

"I like to think he was nice to me because he is a nice person." Riley kept throwing things out of her closet that didn't highlight her curves.

"Is Josh going tonight?"

"I don't know, why do you ask?" The brunette knew full and well why she wanted to know. Josh was her very young uncle, it was a long story.

"Maya, why don't you ask him out? It is more than obvious that you have feelings for him, and you have for years."

"Ask him out? Ha, you're joking right? You see me when I get around him I might as well be back in highschool. His big brown eyes, and muscles it is so, oh it makes me crazy!" Maya was rolling all over the bed like a little girl when she was talking about Josh. "You know, your eyes and Josh's look pretty identical you just have longer eyelashes."

"Oh! Thank you so much for comparing my eyes to my Uncles. I appreciate that!" Riley threw a pillow from the couch at her bestfriend.

"Let's go eat! Get up!" Maya demanded. "Where do you want to go?"

"Is that even a question?" The blonde knew where this was going and in unison they sang, "John's Slices."


"Riley! Maya! I had wondered when you two would be coming in today!" The pair of girls placed their order and sat down in the usual spot by the wood burning oven.

"Riley I feel like if they know us by name then we are probably coming here to much."

"This is the best pizza in town! Pizza is universal and everyone loves pizza. If someone tells me they don't like pizza I automatically don't trust them."

"Enough with the word pizza!" Maya flipped her hair behind her shoulder and stared at the brunette. "How's work?"

"Pretty great actually, Charlie went on vacation so he hasn't been around the past week."

"There's nothing wrong with Charlie, he seems very sweet. But instead of dating someone who you know is interested in you, you chase after Lucas who you haven't seen in ten years."

"I have seen him," Maya raised her eyebrow, "from a distance. He and Josh are on the police force together." The brunette placed her elbows on the table and her face in her freshly polished nails, "Ugh I am so pathetic aren't I?"

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