Chapter 38- Delicate

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Chapter 38- Delicate

We drive down a long driveway that is coated with trees on the sides and arrive at a huge castle.

Yesterday I ignored Dylan and went straight to bed and then we all got up this morning, ate breakfast and drove the rest of the way to get to Dylan's fathers house. Well, technically Ryan was driving and I was forced to sit next to London Starr because I am ignoring Dylan.

I mean, London is probably dumbest slut ever, she just never stops talking and told me about all the guys she has slept with, including Dylan.

I just wanted to go all werewolf and rip her throat out but that would be a bit inappropriate. On a serious note though; her name sounds like a porn star name. London Starr. It fits her perfectly.

Back to the point: Normally people explain a really big house as a castle and then say its an over exaggeration but this is a castle. It's huge with white walls and vines that are wrapped around the tall pillars. At the end of the driveway there is a fountain and a round parking area. The house is painted a cream colour with two huge mahogany coloured doors.

"Man, I haven't been here in forever." Sebastian says as we stop in front of the house.

Everybody climbs out the car and looks up at the gigantic house. "It's so big!" London squeals, jumping up and down in get red high heels.


That's what she said.

I'm sorry, it had to be done. Hate me all you want but my mind is as dirty as a dumpster and I can't help it.

We walk into the house after a young Mexican lady opens the door for us, "Hello, welcome back Mr. Thompson." she greets all of us quickly then welcomes us inside and scurries off to the kitchen.

I look around the house in awe. The inside is even better than the outside, there are white walls with cream carpets. I look up the stairs that look like they are from a movie and then turn my head to the right to see a well furnished lounge.

This place is amazing.

"Holy shitballs." Ruby comments, her mouth slightly open.

We all go and wait in the lounge, as Dylan tells us to do.

"I'm just going to go talk to my dad. I'll be back soon, hopefully. Call Leticia if you need anything." Dylan says.

He walks away, leaving us alone on the white couches in the lounge. I don't move, not wanting to break anything. Everything here looks so delicate and expensive.

The Mexican lady walks into the room after about twenty minutes, "Hello sweethearts, would you like something to eat?" she asks.

Sebastian groans, "That would be amazing! Thanks Leti." Sebastian says and gives her a dazzling smile.

"Sure," she looks around at all of us, "Could one of you ask Dylan if I must bring him food as well? Someone that Dylan likes and won't be mad at for disturbing, possibly." The lady, I'm assuming is Latica, asks.

Everybody looks at me, "What?" I ask innocently. "Go!" everyone shouts at me, except London who just glares at me. "Okay, okay, I'll go." I say, standing up.

Latica shows me to a room which has the door shut. I hear two male voices from the other side of the wooden door. "Thank you my darling." Latica says with a smile, her voice thick with a Spanish accent.

I nod and then knock on the door, slowly opening it.

"-to Italy. They will give it to you there but you have to convince them, you have to prove you are worthy and that you're my son or it will all be for nothing." I hear the man say.

Dylan is sitting on a black couch on one side of the room while an older man, looking like an older replica of Dylan, sits behind  a desk. The man is wearing a suit and looks extremely wealthy and fancy, he has a big watch on his wrist and his hair is combed back neatly.

They both look up at me, "Umm, hello sir, sorry to bother you but Latica wanted to know if Dylan would like something to eat." I turn to look at Dylan, questioningly.

Dylan is about to say something when his dads deep voice cuts him off, "She's perfect." he states.

We both turn to look at Dylan's father. "What?" Dylan blurts out, sounding disbelieving.

Well, that hurt.

Dylan's dad stands up and walks towards me, "Look at her, she has perfect hair," he picks up my dark brown hair in his hands and combes his fingers through it, "perfect eyes, perfect skin," he rubs his thumb on my cheek, "and a really good body." he takes a step back and looks me up and down.

What just happened?

Did Dylan's father just check me out?

Oh my god.

"Dad, what's your point?" Dylan says, exasperated.

"She can help you." he states, crossing his arms across his chest and grinning.

"No." Dylan refuses.

"What?" I ask.

"I need Dylan to get a package from Italy for me and the guys that have the package need to be convinced to give away the package and I think you would be perfect to convince them. Dylan can't do it on his own, he needs a girl. I would hire another person for it but you're absolutely perfect."  Mr. Thompson says.

"No dad! I'm not letting Maya be a whore for you!" he shouts.

"She wouldn't be having sex, she just needs to wear something convincing. Even her name is perfect; Maya. She is the best person for the job, Dylan. Nobody will hurt her. She is innocent and sweet and that is what we need." his dad explains.

"No." Dylan argues.

"Why? Do you not want other guys checking out your girlfriend?" Mr. Thompson asks.

"She's not my girlfriend." Dylan states.

I swear, it's like I'm not even here.

"Well then, do you like her?" his dad asks.

Dylan looks at me, "No." he whispers.

My heart starts to ache lightly. I mean, I knew he didn't like me but just hearing him say it really hurts.

"Then I don't see the problem. Let's ask Maya what she thinks," Dylan and his dad both turn to face me.

Make him jealous.

"I'll do it."


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