Did someone say spin-off?

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**looks at pile of 30+ fanfics* 

Something's wrong with me. It's a disease.

But, you know what they say. I like the disease. 

If you seriously didn't get that, then you haven't watched Season 10 yet.

*clears throat* Anyway, so, I'm back...with like the billionth fanfic idea my brain has told me to jot down. 

HUGE FYI: If you haven't watched through Season 10 then there are obviously spoilers (all four of the girls' deaths: Jess in the pilot, Jo in Season 5, Meg in Season 8, and Charlie in Season 10). 

Also, consider this idea set as an AU. This follows no season plot line though I'm sure I reference some plot points from past seasons throughout the book. I can say that Season 12 and beyond does not exist in this timeline, I don't believe. I don't think I mention Amara and Chuck (Season 11 spoiler there, folks). 

I don't know, I've written a lot, and it's a lot to keep track of.

Bottom line: treat this story as a clear and ever present AU.

Disclaimer: All characters that appear in the show Supernatural (basically everyone in this fanfic)do not belong to me. I am responsible for the plot of this story only, some locations, and dialogue. Pretty simple.

I have to thank MattViklund for paving the way for a potential idea. Really, he is the reason my interest in this idea sparked. Why don't we have more fics like this in our fandom? Instead of bringing OCs back from the dead as a plot, how about the characters we miss and truly wish got resurrected in the show? This idea is truly special. 

I promise, his story and mine, while there will be some similarities, will be fairly different. So, I give credit to him for the inspiration of this idea. Props to you, dude. Really. I hope your fic inspires others to write similar ideas like how it's inspired me.

Fabulous trailer by Dredge116

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