Chapter 7: In the war you can kill for no reason, it's no crime (smut)

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"That was quick", he said and Josh let out a breathy laugh. Tyler grabbed his own length and started to slowly pump himself.
Josh undid his belt and jeans and pulled them off, followed by his boxers. He dropped them to the ground and hopped on the table again. He opened the bottle of lube and poured some on two of his fingers. "You think you can take two at once?" Josh asked and Tyler nodded hungrily.

"Please, I need it", he breathed as he still had his hand wrapped around his dick. Josh swatted Tyler's hand away and kissed him. He slowly pushed both of his fingers at the same time inside of Tyler and Tyler let out a groan. It hurt a little, but not much. He pushed them slowly in until they were fully inside. Tyler almost immediately nodded to signal Josh that he could move his fingers. Josh slowly started moving them in and out as he looked down at Tyler who was squeezing his eyes closed and biting his lip hard.

He added another finger after a while and kept moving his fingers, until Tyler begged for even more.

"You know what's next after three fingers, hm?" Josh grumbled as he grabbed the lube. Tyler nodded. "Y-yes, please, I need you Joshie", he said. Josh licked his lips.

"Turn around", he said. Tyler sat up and turned around. He placed his hands on the table in front of him so he was on his hands and knees.

Josh slicked himself up and ran a hand up and down Tyler's spine. Josh bent over and pressed a kiss on Tyler's lower back. "You ready baby?" He asked with a gently voice. Tyler nodded and looked at Josh over his shoulder. "Please", he whispered and that was enough for Josh. He pushed himself in and Tyler let out a needy moan. "You feel so good babe", Josh moaned as he fully pushed himself inside. He heard Tyler breathe heavily. Josh grabbed Tyler's hips and rubbed soothing circles in them with his hands, waiting for Tyler to adjust. Then Tyler pressed back against Josh and slowly started to move, letting Josh know that he was ready. Josh tightened his grip around Tyler's hips and started to move. He let out a moan as the pleasure washed over him.

"So good for me", Josh breathed as he heard Tyler moan. "Such a good boy for me, hm?", he breathed and Tyler let out a whimper.

"Y-yes, s-so good for you". Tyler breathed and moaned as Josh sped up. "Good boy", he praised and Tyler let out a moan again. His arms were shaking, so he lowered himself on his elbows and hung his head, breathing heavily.

"Harder, Joshie, please", Tyler begged and Josh sped up even more. He groaned as he felt himself get closer, but not close enough yet.

Tyler let out a small cry and Josh slowed down, but still moved slowly.

"What's wrong baby?" Josh asked worriedly.
"M-my elbows", Tyler whimpered. "Do they hurt?" Josh asked. Tyler nodded weakly. He hated to disappoint Josh. "I'm s-sorry", Tyler whispered. Josh shushed him. "Shh, it's okay baby. Why do they hurt?" He asked.

"S'hard", Tyler mumbled as he motioned at the table.
"Oh baby, is the table too hard for your sensitive skin on your elbows? C'mere", he said as he hooked his hands under Tyler's armpits and pulled him up against him. Josh sat back on his heels and he pressed Tyler's back against his chest and belly.

"This better baby?" Josh asked and Tyler nodded heavily. "Thank you Joshie", he said and Josh smiled. Tyler turned his head towards Josh and they kissed each other deeply. Then Tyler pulled away and slowly started to move up and down on Josh, throwing his head back and resting it on Josh's shoulder. Josh wrapped his hand around Tyler's dick and started to stroke him, causing Tyler to speed up and move in synch with Josh's hand.

Tyler moaned as he sped up even more. "You can come whenever you want, baby", Josh said. Tyler shook his head. "N-no, I want you to come first", he panted and Josh nodded. "Okay baby, whatever you wish", he said and he started to move his hips to meet Tyler with his thrusts and let go of Tyler's dick.

Not long after, Josh bit into Tyler's shoulder harshly as he came inside of Tyler. Tyler kept moving until he helped Josh through his orgasm. Josh felt Tyler collapse in his arms. He pulled out and moved back a little so Tyler laid back against his chest and belly, worn out, but not done yet. Josh wrapped his hand around Tyler's dick again and started pumping quickly, making Tyler moan out. Tyler had his eyes closed and his arms and legs were as weak as cooked spaghetti. Josh held him against him as he chased Tyler's orgasm. Then Tyler reached his orgasm with a loud moan of Josh's name and he came all over his own chest and belly. Josh helped him through it and didn't let go of Tyler. He didn't want Tyler to fall off and hurt himself.

"You did so good baby, you're so good for me", he whispered to Tyler as he pressed kisses on his hair and Tyler smiled weakly.

Josh got off the table as he still held Tyler, 'cause he really didn't want him to fall and hurt himself. Then he lifted Tyler in his arms and Tyler rested his head against Josh's chest with closed eyes.

"Wanna take a bath, baby?" Josh asked. Tyler nodded. "That'd be perfect, Joshie", he whispered.

Josh carried Tyler up the stairs and into the bathroom. He placed Tyler on the closed toilet seat and went on to turn on the tap. Tyler took this time to clean himself, having just enough strength to do that. Josh grabbed the lighter which always laid on the window sill of the small window high above the toilet, where Jimmy could never reach, and they could hardly reach themselves. He walked to the bathtub and lit the candles, and then added cherry soap to the hot water running out of the tap and into the bathtub. He placed the lighter back and kissed Tyler's forehead.

"Let's get me some towels", he said and Tyler nodded. Josh walked to the bedroom and grabbed some big, fluffy towels, which were perfect for Tyler's soft skin.

He walked back to the bathroom and turned off the tap after he hung the towels on the radiator to keep them warm. Then he gently grabbed Tyler's hand and Tyler looked up at him with a smile. He pulled Tyler up and then stepped into the bathtub. Tyler followed and sat in between Josh's legs. Josh pulled Tyler against him and Tyler lay down, his back resting against Josh's belly and chest. He closed his eyes and enjoyed his husband's strong arms wrapped around him.

"I love you, Joshie", Tyler said.

"I love you too, baby", Josh smiled and pressed a kiss on his husband's forehead.


Tyler and Josh were laying in bed, cuddling each other tightly.

"We never had sex on the kitchen table", Tyler noted and Josh chuckled. "True, very true. For everything there's a first time, I guess", he said and Tyler chuckled. "Did you enjoy it?" He asked Tyler. Tyler nodded. "Definitely, I loved it. It was surely something different", he said and Josh smiled. "You were so good for me", he said and Tyler blushed. He buried his head in the crook of Josh's neck. Josh laughed.

"I didn't forget about your praise kink, babe", he said and Tyler blushed even harder. "Shush", he said and Josh chuckled. He made Tyler look up and kissed his lips. "I love you so much", he smiled and Tyler giggled. "I love you too, my perfect husband", he said and rested his head on Josh's chest.

"Sleep well baby", Tyler said to Josh, making Josh smile. "You too, my love", Josh smiled.


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