Chapter 7: In the war you can kill for no reason, it's no crime (smut)

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Hello dear everyone, I have a new update ^~^

Fair warning: it's very short. That's because I did want to write this but there'll be a time lapse next and I didn't want the time lapse to be in the same chapter as this. Please forgive me for this! I hope you all still enjoy this chapter ^~^ warning: smutty chapter. So be prepared c:


Josh pressed his lips to Tyler's. they moved their lips together, and Josh instinctively parted his lips. Tyler immediately slipped his tongue inside Josh's mouth and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

"I'm excited", Tyler giggled. Josh smiled. "You should. I'm excited too", he said. Tyler smiled and kissed him again. Josh wrapped his arms around Tyler's waist.

"Keep your legs around me", Josh said and Tyler nodded. Josh lifted his husband off the dresser and walked to the couch. He laid Tyler down and crawled on top of him. He bent over and kissed Tyler. Tyler wrapped his arms around Josh's neck and deepened the kiss. Then he lifted his eyebrows as he remembered himself of something and pushed Josh away.

"What's wrong?" Josh asked. "I have to check if my mom locked the back door in the kitchen before she left", Tyler said. "Oh you can check that later", Josh said as he bent down to kiss Tyler again, but Tyler pushed Josh away again.

"Nuh-uh, first I have to check if she locked it", Tyler said and Josh whined. "Really Ty?" He whined. Tyler chuckled and wiggled out of Josh's grip from underneath Josh. Josh sat back on his heels and pouted. Tyler let out a laugh and pressed a kiss on Josh's lips. "It'll only be a second, babe", he chuckled as he stood up and walked to the kitchen. Josh sat down properly and sighed. He waited a few seconds, but couldn't help himself and he stood up. He walked to the kitchen and saw Tyler check the back door.

"And?" Josh asked. "She closed it", Tyler said as he let go of the door handle and turned around. Right at that moment Josh scooped Tyler up in his arms and Tyler yelped. "Joshhh that was scary, what are you doing?" He asked.

"You had to go check the back door, which turned out it was for nothing 'cause it was already locked, and I can't wait any longer", Josh grumbled and Tyler blushed. Josh walked to the kitchen table and placed Tyler on top of it, his feet dangling from the edge. He opened Tyler's legs so he could stand in between them and kissed Tyler roughly. Tyler moaned lightly in his mouth and deepened the kiss. Then Josh pulled back and pushed Tyler down on the table.

"Josh, we can't do this here", Tyler whimpered. Josh crawled on the table and hovered over Tyler. "Oh you bet we can do this here", he smirked mischievously and Tyler blushed under Josh's gaze. "C'mon, get a little more comfy on the table", Josh said as he poked Tyler's belly. Tyler crawled back so he was fully laying on the table and Josh crawled on top of him again. He leaned down and caught Tyler's lips in a heated kiss again. He reached down and hastily undid Tyler's belt and jeans. He broke the kiss and pulled Tyler's jeans and boxers off in one swift move. He dropped them to the ground and attacked Tyler's lips again. He started to unbutton Tyler's button up shirt and Tyler helped him since he was struggling. When they unbuttoned the whole shirt, Josh pulled back again and pulled Tyler up so he was sitting.

"You look so hot like this", Josh breathed as he looked at Tyler who was loosely wearing the shirt, revealing his chest tattoos. Josh quickly pulled his shirt off as well and Tyler gripped the hem of Josh's shirt. He pulled it off and dropped it to the ground as well. Josh pecked Tyler's lips. "Don't move", he said as he hopped off the table and ran up the stairs to their bedroom. Tyler laid down on the table, breathing heavily.
Josh grabbed the bottle of lube out of the night stand and rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen again. Tyler smiled as he saw Josh walk into the kitchen.

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