What If (KAISOO)

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Jongin X Kyungsoo 

*WARNING It's about Kaistal too ( It's just a fic, I am not trying to bash anyone here) *

The sticky air is almost unbearable, hours of working and sweating are still not enough. Preparing for a comeback is way nothing new for the nine boys but slipping into another round of practicing without mistakes, makes them miss the short resting time. Kyungsoo doesn't actually care, not anymore to be exact. The said boy plumps down the floor, panting hard underneath his black shirt. But when he takes a few glances across the room, he is sure he isn't the only one struggling with his breath. Especially someone. "I'll head out now", he basically says, grabbing his bag and leaving the other members behind. D.O doesn't even notice the way his eyes follow him. Kim Jongin. Running away, like all the other countless times. Since he has recovered from his injury, he started sneaking out as often as possible again. It has been a exactly two weeks, not that Kyungsoo is counting, since the day dispatch posted pictures of him and his girlfriend. And those two weeks were nothing but pain for Kyungsoo. Nothing but a burden. Nothing but burning wounds.

- - It's not that he hadn't seen it coming, though. He never wanted it to become true, he wanted the time to stop and everything to stay the way it was. Oh well, how naive of him.

"I'll be going as well..", Kyungsoo murmurs, because practice is over now anyways and he just wants to escape. No talking, no one around him, just a shower that's all.

Kyungsoo clenches his fingers around the shower head, because, god damn even this makes him think of him. As the water pours down on his skin, he shuts his eyes close...immediately someone's plump lips come to his view..a pair of darkening eyes until a face appears straightaway - belonging to Kai. How much Kyungsoo hates that he is aware of how beautiful he looks in this closeness. He knows how addictive his lips feel against his. Oh , how much he hates that he still remembers his touch. But not as much as he fact that he misses it so fucking much. It's not that they were a couple really. Kyungsoo himself doesn't know how everything turned out like that. He doesn't know what has gotten into them during the time they showered together. But he never complained when Jongin stared at him for so long, too long until he grabbed the smaller's face and smashed his lips on his. He still didn't push him away. That was just the beginning of something, Kyungsoo knew it wouldn't last forever. But it was the end of their friendship and had him longing for Kai more and more.

They barely left each other's sides, barely had something else in mind than being alone, to laugh, to touch, to kiss. Why? Just because.

"Kyungsooo-ah" , Chanyeols voice pulls D.O out of his trance. "Why did you lock the door? Do you want me to piss myself?!" He sighs, turns the hot water off, grabs his towel and disappears in his room.


Kai quickly changes his clothes the moment he has left the dance practice room and makes his way to pick Soojung up, who welcomes him with open arms. "Baby!", he calls out with a smile tugging on his lips as he embraces her. "Hey, handsome", she smiles and pecks his lips once. "I've got to tell you something", she continues and sighs while ruffling her hair. "I can't stay for too long. I do still have shootings to attend" Jongin nods appreciative even though it makes him somehow sad, because they rarely see each other. He'll get used to it. When he was with Kyungsoo, he didn't have to worry about such things though...stop thinking about that Kim Jongin.
"Then we'll just enjoy this..", he whispers and starts kissing her because he needs distraction from his thoughts drifting away to his bestfriend. Do Kyungsoo. Were they still friends ?
Kai knows, even if his hyung wished him good luck for his relationship that he lied.

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