Chapter 28

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 28

Rose's POV

"Eat the last bite" Harry tries to put the last piece of pizza in my mouth.

"Nooo" I whine, holding my stomach. "I'm not kidding! I think I'm going to throw up"

Harry and I have been sitting on the pillows for a while now, talking and eating pizza. Just having a good time, if you don´t count my stomach ache.

"Only one bite" He tries again, chuckling at my actions.

"No! Seriously!" I push him away, laughing.

Harry pouts while letting himself fall into the pillows.

I laugh plopping next to him.

"I think I like this way more than going to restaurant" I smile, harry wrapping his arms around me making me snuggle in his chest.

Gosh, he smells good.

"Me too" He whispers while pressing a kiss on my head.

Why go to a restaurant if you can have this... a perfect night with perfect company, no paps no people who can disturb... just us.

After a couple of minutes of just lying in the silince Harry speaks up. "Rose?" He says sadly.

What did I do? Why is he sad all of a sudden? Maybe he has to leave, he has a busy life so he probably has to leave... But I don't want him to.

I look up at him, his eyes meeting my gaze, pouting like a little child.

"I have to go..."

Oh I knew it! Why now? We're having a perfect night!

"...To the toilet." He finishes.

Am I crazy or is he just playing mind games with me? 

"Seriously?" I gasp, slapping his arm.

"What was that for?" He asks shocked, looking at my with wide eyes, rubbing his hand over the place I slapped him.

"You acted all sad, I thought you were leaving or something happened! Idiot!" I sit up crossing my arms.

"But I'm sad! Because I have to leave you!" A serious look is plastered on his face.

Is he being serious! He has to be kidding me? That's too cheesy! Too cheesy!

"Oh c'mon mister charming! Do your thingy, I'll be here when you come back!" I chuckle.

It's actually pretty sweet though! He's just being himself, his charming cheesy self.

"Alright, Alright!"He kisses my cheek before standing up and casually leaving the living room, if you count out the part I slapped his bum,making him gasp and burst into a fit of laughter.

I stand up still giggling, deciding to clean up a little.

Harry's POV

I flush the toilet, leaning my back against the wall. 

I hate paps! I really do! I had so many amazing plans for tonight. Not that I'm not enjoying what we're doing now, but I guess I'm still a little bit disappointment.

And I'm having a bit of doubt about Rose. When I said I didn't want to leave her I was being serious! And yet she jokes around about it... Maybe she really thought I was joking! I thought it was sweet to say... But maybe it was different in her opinion. 

But if I don't even want to leave her when I have to go to the toilet how am I supposed to handle the tour in more than a week? How is it even possible to get attached to someone so fast? I never had that before!

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