I don't even know that.. Why is it sound depressing? I mean he just said that.' You thought and sighed as you watch him fix something.

You lay on the couch as you fell asleep. He was working something for you. Though, he knew that you didn't care what he was doing but after an hour he finish the electronic and glance to you.

"(First name).." He smile as he watched you sleep.

Then, you kind of feel uncomfortable so you opened your eyes to get the other pillow but as you did. You saw Itona whose face was near you with close eyes then you freeze up.

"I-Itona H-Horibe?!" You sit up straight then he blush and realise what he did.

"Y-you just look.. Cute." You even blush more at his reason then you put your pillow on your face.

"You're kidding me again?" Your heart was beating so fast when he did that seriously.

You stay on your position, still the pillow is on your face. You felt a hand brush your skin from your arm. He slowly remove the pillow from you and look at you with a smile.

"Look, what I've done for you.." You glance at what he was saying.

As you look at it, it was actually a cute teddy bear that was kind if giant and walks right into you which widens your eyes.

"Don't hug him too tight or his electronically devices will electric you." Horibe warned then you look up to him with teary eyes.

"Hori.." Then you hug him with the bear. You actually push him to the couch and seat on his lap with the bear.

"(F-first name)?" He looks at you surprise but he found you cute with the bear covering your face.

"I've never.. Never in my life having this kind of bear." You whispered then he hug you like he was cuddling a baby.

"I always put it on my wishlist but no one had ever.. Wah! Thank you very much!" You hug him. "Y-you're hugging me too tight.." He then whispered.

You let him go and realise what position you had done to him, you suddenly jumped out of his lap and bow politely. "I'm sorry!!"

"He-he.. Its alright. But.. You should be punished." He said then you blush.

"Got you!" He said again as he cutely giggle at your reaction. "W-when? And where or from whom did you learn that things?!" You asked to him as you jump to his bed.

"Karma.." He whispered. You puff your cheeks and cross your arms then the giant teddy bear did too.


"Because you dared me to copy him.." He look away then you giggled. "Got you! You think I'm mad at you! Actually you're kind of manly! But please don't do that to others!" You his hand.

At first, he was shocked at your sudden movements. You actually pulled him for a kiss which is really unexpected.

You already knew why he wasn't your best friend anymore.

You completely forgot that you were his official girlfriend. "But.. You can do it to me." You seductively said making him blush.

As you dumbly realise again. You bowed your head as your mind started to blow in explosion and now your heart limit is beating than the normal as you blush.

"S-sorry!" You bowed your head politely. "Come on.. You don't have to be sorry." He raise you up and pulled you for another kiss.

This isn't Itona Horibe! He really is now becoming a beast! Cursed Karma for teaching this stuffs!

😶Got You Ended 😶

Damn.. My head hurts as heck. I really need to sleep early.

A lot of scenarios that I have dreamed about was so wonderful yet I couldn't explain it like my head is going to explode re flashing it back.

But I hope you enjoy this!

Next up.. 🔜

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