Chapter 2 - Cause Im Lonely

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Madara presented the child wearing new clothes in front of him. Swirly and Zetsu burst out laughing in awe of how Obito looked. The low rise shorts were barely even shorts, hanging a centimeter down his butt and another black top that stopped at his belly button. "Its either you give him oversized clothes or petite sized Lord Madara" Zetsu teased. Madara smirked and squeezed his hands on the childs shoulders from behind, "I think he can handle it..." Feeling really amused. "Yeah...?" He added. Obito only looked away pouting his lips, "Its easier to move in these atleast..." He mummbled. "Mmmm..come again..?" Madara asked. His voice steely yet amused. "-Nothin." The timid child replied. Swirly got up from the neatly set table and ran to hold the childs cheeks. Madara stood with his arms crossed in interest. "Oh Obito!!! Come come! We have vanilla jumbo cake with stuffed m&m candies and caramel!" Swirly cheered. Madaras jaw slightly dropped, "Oh..." He muttered and looked over at the child. "I think he won't have that now. Neither should you." He spoke slowly pointing at Zetsu and Swirly. Obito looked up at the man, "It sounds so good Madara...!" He plead. Madara ignored the Uchiha child, "Mmmmm. I thought I told you to fix some dinner." Madara spoke sternly. "W-we did Lord Madara..!" Swirly and Zetsu spoke in harmony. "Is it done?" Obito asked. "Yes yes! Come take a seat. Zetsu will set you guys right while I head back in the kitchen." Swirly clapped his hands. "Oh. Much appreciated." Madara spoke as he placed his hands on the childs back and motioned him to the table with him.

"Wow...Zetsu...I like how you set the...forks and knives.." Obito mummbled as he stared at the fancy dishes. He wondered where the old man got them, they are living underground in a dark, dreery place and the last thing he'd see is these kinds of dishes. Obito sat on the long left side of the table across from Zetsu and Swirly. Madara sat on the side of the table between the two. 'The kings spot'. Zetsu placed their cups, "What kind of drink today you two lovely Uchihas?" He asked in a teasing manner. Obito pouted his lips in thought, "Lemonade!' He answered. Zetsus grin grew wider, "Ice?" Obito nodded. "Mmmm. I'll have some Ice water Zetsu." Madara spoke rubbing his gloved hands together. "Perfect. Coming right up." He spoke and walked like a dork to the kitchen. Obito giggled softly. It was silent as they waited together. Obito stared at the 'old man' and when he'd catch his gaze he'd innocently smile weakly. What Obito was able to scrutinize was Madaras extremely defined chest muscles in that tight black v neck. His crossed arms perked up the biceps out of his short sleeves. 'Old man looks like a body builder' Obitos mind spoke jokingly. He unintentionally giggled which made Madara shift his dark baggy eyes at the boy. He didn't ask anything.

Another 5 more minutes passed and they kept hearing Swirlys annoying squeels until they saw him hold huge plates in front of Zetsu who also held plates with lids. "Hello! Hello! Hello!!!!" Swirly screeched. Madara squinted his eyes. Obitos face lightened up in delight. "Before I present yoooouuuuu....! I have one thing to sayyy!" Swirly began, "This food has been soaked in good fibers so your poop comes through smoothly!" He cheered. "And nicely!" Zetsu blurted. Obito glared and pouted his lips trying to hold in a laugh. Madara sighed, "Oh? Very nice..." This made Obito, Zetsu and Swirly cry in laughter.

Swirly and Zetsu placed them down and opened the lids. There was numerous kinds of cheesy and saucy pastas. Breaded honey chicken breasts with spinach. A plate of warm cheese bread sticks. Chicken noodle soup, Vegi pizza, fruit salad with sorbet, and the special jumbo candy cake.

"Ta-da!!!!!" Zetsu and Swirly squeeled. Obito licked his lips, "Wow! Oh my gosh guys...!" He stared closer with his knees on the seat. "Obito sit correctly." Madara spoke. Obito swallowed and giggled, sitting back on his bottom. "C-cant blame him. Those booty shorts must be cold on the seat." Zetsu teased. Obito pouted his lips then Madara placed his hand over the child's head rubbing it. Obito felt somewhat fluttered. Reassured. Like what fathers do. This spread a huge grin across his face. Madara couldn't help the sight of how bright that smile was. "Obito stay seated." He spoke as the child went off his seat. He watched the tall man grab a plate for him and began serving the dinner foods. "Another slice Old man..!" Obito plead. Madara smirked and placed another one. "Don't worry I baked 2 more pizzas!" Swirly exclaimed. "I made all the pastas!" Zetsu added. Obito chuckled, "Thanks guys!" He cheered. "After dinner we will serve the fruit salad sorbet and candy cake." Swirly told Obito who licked the cream of the cake. "Mmmhmm!" He spoke.

"Enjoy everyone!" Swirly cheered. They all sat in the table enjoying this fancy amazing meal. Obito stuffed cheesy bread and alternated between the chicken noodle soup. "How come we don't eat like this all the time?" He asked with a mouthful. Madara smirked and shut his eyes as he blew the spoonful of soup. "Today is a special day Obito." Zetsu spoke. "Hmmm? Why is that?" Obito asked. Madara glanced at the green haired creature interested for an answer too. "You'll see." Zetsu replied. "Later today. In the evening!" Swirly added stuffing a pizza down his eye hole. "The honey chicken is really good guys." Obito spoke as he knives it. "Eat your spinach...Obito." Madara spoke. "Mmhmm!" Obito mumbled and stuffed his mouth with the greens. "What a cutieee!" Swirly cheered. Obito giggled with his mouthful. Madara glanced at the boy as he sipped his water. He felt very amused at the child. He was always rich with an innocent personality.

Everyone finished dinner and Obito got up and went for the dessert. Swirly, Zetsu smiled and giggled at Obito. He looked so cute in those short shorts. Madara caught up and smirked at that as well. "Dessert time Obito...?" Madara teased. Obito licked his lips and knelt over at the table looking at him, "Mmmhmm!" He cheerfully replied. "Of course. Swirly or Zetsu serve the child." He ordered. "And you Lord Madara?" Zetsu asked. "Mmmmm." Madara groaned waving a hand in 'no'. "Okie!" Swirly squeeled. Obito giggled at Madara who smirked big at the child.

"Ooooo!!!!" Obito cried. Swirly sliced the vanilla cake to show the m&ms coated with caramel. "Here's a big one for you Obitooooo! This will go extra smooth down the toilet!" He cheerfully screeched. Obito stuck his tongue out, "Mmmm. Shut up already!" And walked with his dessert back to his seat. Madara watched the boy with his hands clasped underneath his chin. Obito, Swirly and Zetsu devoured the sweet goodness. "Aaahahahhaha!!" Zetsu laughed, "Mmmhmhmhmhhh!" Obito giggled with his mouthful as they watched Swirly stuff his cake down his eye hole with cream, m&m and caramel droop out. "Nom nom nom!" Swirly joked. "Too bad I can't poop this goodness out!" He added. Zetsu stuffed a kiwi and pineapple in his mouth giggling. "Zetsu. Some coffee please." Madara ordered. "Yes yes! Lord Madara!" He replied. "Mmmm. Good..." Madara sighed and leaned back watching Obito laugh his guts out at Swirlys funny acts. He looked so adorable. 

Madara took his coffee to the main room and sat on his seat in front of the Gedo Statue when everything was cleaned up and everyone was fulfilled.

"Master Madaraaaa!" Swirly screeched and wove his hands in the air. Obito was training and doing a handstand. Zetsus head was poking out of the wall giggling to himself for reasons unknown. Madara who sat on his chair in front of the Gedo Statue stared out of nowhere until he heard Swirlys calls. "Mmmmm...?" He groaned lowly. He looked rather deep in thought with a gloved hand on his left cheek. "Can we go outside with Obito?" Swirly asked in his hyper tone. Zetsu felt excited, "Yeah! The child has never gone out!" He added. Madara slightly pushed out of his thoughts glanced up at the child who was walking on his hands. "Obito...?" He muttered. The young Uchiha kicked his legs up and flipped up to face forward. "I think he has improved a lot...." Zetsu mummbled. "He deserves it" Swirly persuaded. Madara didnt even want to think about this request, "Go ahead....Obito." and uncrossed his legs. "Yayyyy!!!!" Swirly screamed. "Oh! We should go camping!- Hunting!!?" Zetsu cheered. Obito cracked his knuckles and pouted his lips staring at his mentor. "Meet us outside! Obitooo!" They called and walked through the walls. Obito nodded and glanced back at Madara. "Old man..." He spoke. "Yes? Obito...?" He replied. "I think its time I go back to visit my village..." He spoke. "A visit...?" Madara asked. "Yes. I'm not completely ready to stay back in my village...I need to activate the mangekyou sharingan. I've got to get strong enough. And I know you will help me old man..." He confessed. Madara chuckled. "As you wish..." He spoke and finally took a klejah in his mouth and picked up his Arabic coffee. "Thank you...Old man for everything.." Obito then went for the wall and seeped through. The Uchiha was left staring out of nowhere. "Everything will move as planned..." He mumbled.

The child not only was the driving source for his plans. But a little charm that Madara was deprived of experiencing in his life.
He was that lonely.

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