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                Linda was always excited, but when I told her about homecoming, she became extremely excited. This would be the first time Link and I would be going to homecoming, we had never been because we never felt like going. Well, I never felt like going because I would just stand there awkwardly and wish I could disappear, Link never went because I never went. He had plenty of girls practically begging him to ask them, but he wouldn’t go without me. We would usually stay home and have a big video game session together. This was first for both of us.

                And Linda was excited. She was actually taking us to get suits today, which made me excited because she didn’t even mention the word dress. I think she understood what I was comfortable in, and she didn’t care what it was. In her mind, I was going to homecoming and I should be comfortable doing it.

                She was really was wonderful.

                Erica already had her dress. I think she had been planning on going for a little while now, which meant I should have probably should have been thinking about asking her for a while. She wouldn’t show me though, no matter how I begged. She showed Linda so she could help me pick out my suit; apparently you have to match or something. I was new to this whole thing, and it still didn’t make too much sense. I was very willing to just let Linda take the reins on this part.

                I was still thinking about all of that crazy homecoming stuff when we walked into school, Erica’s fingers entwined in mine.

                I wasn’t used to how people looked at us. They usually looked at me with disdain or just ignored me completely, and now I was met with shock. I, the school dyke, had gotten this gorgeous woman to fall for me.

                That wasn’t what I cared about though; I was more focused on how they looked at her.

                Some looks were of disgust, which really hurt in a way, I couldn’t figure out how anyone could look at her that way.

                But the men looked at her with this…new hunger. Suddenly, she reminded them of their favorite porn videos. She was a ‘lesbian’, which meant they thought she would love to let them in on her having sex with another feminine woman. They were eyeing her like she was a piece of meat. Like she was their piece of meat. I didn’t really exist in their vision of her.

                I hated how they looked at her. She was as much mine as I was hers. They couldn’t look at her like that.

                And then one of my least favorite men in this entire school showed up. Mark. He gave Erica and flirty smile as he walked by, and I saw him turn around to watch her go. He wasn’t allowed to look at her like that. He was forbidden from that.

                Erica stopped and looked over at me. I smiled at her, that familiar feeling of falling into those green eyes starting to take over. “What’s up?”

                She kissed me, her lips lingering on mine for a moment before she pulled away. “Don’t worry about him. You don’t need to worry about anyone taking me away from you, especially not him. I’m with you.” She ran a hand through my hair, giving me that soft smile I had come to adopt as my own. “You need a haircut soon; it’s getting a little long.”

                “Yeah, I need to get on that.” I needed one before homecoming.

                The five minute bell rang and I sighed heavily. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay like this with Erica for a long time. I didn’t care that people were giving us all sorts of glances as they passed us, I was happy here with her.

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