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I walked down a cold empty street, the ground a bit damp and nearly freezing over. I wrapped my arms around my waist tightly, trying to get a bit warmer as I walked home from a long grueling day of work, just wanting to get home, light the fire place, have a glass of wine and relax in a bubble bath... that sounds so nice... Maybe some chocolate. It was near midnight, all the stores were closed except for a few local pubs. I cold drop of water hitting my cheek before a complete down pour of ice cold rain. I looked around, running as fast as I could to the closest building to be open. Stepping into the Irish pub quickly, shivering as I caught my breath and walked over to the bar ordering a shot to warm up a bit. A blond man coming up to me and placing a warm jacket over my shoulders, paying for my drink before I could.

"You ok miss?" He asked quickly. I nodded and tugged the jacket around my front some more, trying to get warm quickly.

"I-I'm f-fi-ne." I lied.

"Maybe you should take your clothes off... they're soaked and freezing, I'll give you my shirt and jacket while they dry off a bit?" He offered. I looked at him hesitantly.

"I'm Niall by the way." He said quickly. I relaxed a bit and nodded again. He took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Locking the door behind us, I let him hold the jacket, turning my back to him and taking my shirt and bra off. I held my hand out to him for the shirt but instead he grabbed my hand turning me to face him quickly. My heart skipped as I used my hands and arms to cover my breasts.

"N-Niall stop it." I stuttered quickly. He shushed me softly.

"It's ok, I'll help make you warm, yes?" He said a bit drunkenly. My breath hitched in my throat as his blue eyes mesmerized me. He took this opportunity to push me against the wall, pinning my wrists to the wall next to my shoulders. I tried to keep covering myself, instead turning him on more by squeezing my breast closer together. I went to reject vocally but his lips smashed to mine in a hungry kiss. His breath warm and comforting in a weird sense. He pulled back and took his shirt off quickly, pressing his chest to mine, his body heat radiating on my cold body. I yearned for more warmth though I wasn't the type of girl to have random sex with a random and somewhat kind stranger. He started undoing his pants, sliding them off quickly and with ease before tugging mine off. My breathing heavy as he hand trail up between my legs and to my sensitive area, rubbing over my clit lightly and teasingly.

"Niall... I don't want to." I breathed with a shaky voice. He slid two fingers deep into my tight wet core, hooking around and finding the g-spot with ease as he pumped his cock with his other hand. I glanced down to his growing member, the size of it taking me a bit off guard. My breath hitched in my throat again as he lifted me up and carrying me over to the counter. He spread my legs and lined up, looking into my eyes with his piercing sapphire eyes that mesmerized me.

"Yes or no?" He asked feeling a bit guilty before ever really starting. I was at a loss for words, i was so turned on by his action, and fond of the thought, I was getting warmer like he wanted.... but most of all, right now I wanted him in me.... I wanted him to give me pleasure. My mouth was open, try to breath out a yes, but no sound came out. I nodded softly and quickly. He smirked and pushed deep into me quickly, pulling back out at the same speed and thrusting into me at a quick and steady pace. My gasp at first was loud, his hand soon covering over my mouth as I struggled to hold back loud moans of pleasure. I licked his finger, trying to distract myself for even a moment. He looked me in the eyes intently. A finger soon sliding in my mouth and towards the back of my throat as I sucked harshly on it. He took a deep and shaky breath, closing his eyes and pounding into me harder, and I couldn't hold back my sounds anymore. A loud moan escaping from me.

His hand quickly grabbed at my throat, holding me still firmly, and keeping me quite as he cut off my oxygen for a moment, letting me gasp for air every few seconds. He thrusted into my faster, his grip on my neck getting a bit tighter. My walls tightening around his cock as my back arched roughly and I choked out a light scream intense of pleasure, waves of tensing going throughout my quickly. He pulled out, pulling me down by the hair and forcing my face near his cock.

"Sto-" I went to object until I was interrupted by trying to hold back my gag reflex. His cock going in my mouth and sliding down my throat a bit more than I was ever comfortable with. For every time I tried to pull back he forced me closer, my nose being tickled with his trimmed happy trail. He held me close his cock choking me harshly for a few seconds before he let me gasp for air. He let out a few soft strangled moans. Soon forcing my mouth back over it and thrusting it into the front of my mouth quickly, the lack of oxygen I was getting was nearly impossible. My vision getting a bit blurry as I started to get dizzy. He hunched forward a bit, crouching lightly in waves as his hot cum filled me mouth. He grunted heavily, gasping for air as he let go of the back of my head, his fingers untangling from my hair with ease. I slowed it back quickly and gasped for air, my vision coming back and my head pounding a bit.

Niall took a second to caught his breath and held his hand out to me, helping me up before putting his pants back on. I took his shirt, pulling it on quickly and putting my wet pants back now that they weren't as cold. I fixed my hair looking down a bit to see Niall whipping his hand towards my ass. I flinched a bit, wincing in pain and letting out a soft whimper.

"I love the way my shirt looks on you." He whispered flirtatiously in my ear. Shivers going down my spine.

"So can I give you a ride home?" He asked quickly and seemingly innocently. I hesitated a bit, looking in his blue eyes and nodding softly. We walked out of the bathroom together after I shoved my wet clothes in my purse and put his jacket back on.

He drove me home through the cold rain, getting out of the car and opening my door for me, helping me out and following me to my door.

"Can I get your number? Tonight was kinda fun." He said quickly and a bit loudly since the rain was trying to drowned out his voice. I dug through my purse, writing my number on his hand and hoping he would get it wet in the rain. He kissed my cheek and rain back to his car, getting in and grabbing his phone. Well damn, that would be my luck.

I went inside quickly, taking my pants off as I hopped towards my bedroom. I ran some bath water and wrapped a towel around me after undressing some more. My phone ringing from inside my purse. I ran to it and grabbed it, a private number showing up. I answered, soon hearing a familiar Irish voice. Niall.... The blue eyed hottie from the pub. We talked for a second, making sure we had each others number before hanging up. I poured a glass of wine and went to relax in a nice hot bubble bath finally. Going to bed about an hour later. My mind running over Niall the entire night and then some.


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