Chapter Sixteen : Breakdown

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Chapter Sixteen : Breakdown

When they reached home, _________ went to her storeroom to search for an empty drawer to put in Uta's new clothes. Both Pikos didn't go with her; they were at the living room sorting out Uta's clothes. As she rummaged around, she could hear their conversation clearly.

"So, which one of our tastes do you like?"

". . . _______'s."

"What? Why? I picked out the ones that would suit you!"

"If you had been kind enough to exclude the frilly dresses when you were picking clothes for me, which you obviously did not, I would have given you some thought."

"Who wouldn't ask you to try on some dresses? I've gotten those requests before, you know."

"Did you have to do that to me, too? Also, why would you ask me to wear a dress?"

"You look like a girl, that's why. I bet that if _______ asked you to wear them, you'd listen to her and smile at her afterwards if she asked that of you."

He didn't receive an answer or even an acknowledgement. The two of them were quiet for a while, the sounds of plastic being emptied of its contents the only echo in the rooms. Just then, _______ finished her work and started dragging out an empty drawer. Both Pikos came to her after hearing the sound of wood against marble from the storeroom. Uta regarded it with curiosity while Kuro tried to help her push the drawer.

"_______, how do you plan to use that?"

"It's for you to place your clothes, Uta. Kuro won't be sharing with you, I know he'd rather hog his whole wardrobe than dig out a hole for your clothes. I'd share mine with you, but I don't think you'd like how messy it is."

"She's not lying. Although you've made her happy lately, she's doesn't like you enough to tidy up her wardrobe for your clothes. After living with her for so long, I daresay she's never spared some time to tidy it up."

"That's coming from a guy who used to look through my wardrobe for my underclothes, so I can attest to that."

______ tried to keep a straight face when she said those words. Somehow, she didn't feel embarrassed to admit it to Uta in front of Kuro. Seeing their aghast faces, she tried to hold in her glee but let a smile slip as soon as Uta's accusing gaze switched from her to Kuro.

"How could you commit such an action during your stay here?"

"Whoa whoa, I've never done that! Don't look at me with those eyes!"

"You know, I never meant that in a bad way. He helps me with folding the laundry sometimes, so it's normal."

Even though _______ had just resolved their conflict with that sentence, Uta continued to glare accusingly at Kuro, as if she never said anything at all. She decided to leave them and continue pushing the drawer towards the dressing room. However, it was her turn to be shocked when she saw the mess on the floor.

"Okay, which one of you decided it was a good idea to leave clothes on the floor?"

She thought the clothes were left on the dining table to be looked upon and to be placed back into the plastic bags, but judging by the dump in front of her, the other two had different ideas. Clothes, definitely Uta's new ones, were spread on the floor as well as the dining table. Although _______ knew she shouldn't have needed to make a fuss since they would be washed afterwards, the untidy sight still grinded her gears.

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