Chapter two- The Summoning of the Servants: Part One

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Chapter Two- The Summoning of the Servants: Part one

"Hey, Hakuryuu. What do you know about the Holy Grail War?" Alibaba asked his friend, sitting outside with him for lunch.

"Don't talk about it so loud!" Hakuryuu scolded, glancing around.

"Why not? No one cares, really." Alibaba shrugged.

Hakuryuu sighed and shook his head, "What do you want to know? Didn't your father tell you about it?"

"Not really. I was just wondering what these are," The blond held up his right arm, showing off a red cross-shaped design on his hand. "Are they important?"

"Important?! Those are your Command Seals, of course they're important!" Hakuryuu exclaimed, trying to be quiet. He couldn't believe the blond was actually chosen by the Grail. It almost worried him. Alibaba could die.

"Command Seals? What do I use them for?"

"You need to summon a servant first," Hakuryuu began explaining. "Do you know of any summoning circles in your home? Or at least how to make one?"

"My dad left me this weird book after he died, I think it has something like that in it. I kinda know the summoning chant too." Alibaba's brow furrowed as he thought back.

"Good, that's exactly what you need. Draw the circle, say the incantation, and you'll have your servant." Hakuryuu didn't understand how Alibaba knew how to use magic, but not how the Holy Grail War works. Did his father really not prepare him at all?

"So I need this servant for the Holy Grail War? Does it fight for me or something?"

"Exactly. There are seven different classes of servants. The first three are the knight classes; Saber, Archer and Lancer. The last four are part of the cavalry classes; Caster, Rider, Assassin, and Berserker. The knight classes are the strongest of all the others, so you should hope for one of them." Although someone like you probably won't get one. Hakuryuu added to himself. Alibaba was so happy-go-lucky all the time, how could he even have a wish for the Grail? What could his motivation to fight possibly be?

"Cool. You really know a lot about this, huh? Were you chosen as well?" Alibaba asked.

"No, I'm not a master. Kouen has the Ren crest, so he will probably be chosen to fight for our family. You should beware of him, he knows a lot more magic than you do," Hakuryuu warned.

"Right, I will," Alibaba nodded, absorbing all of the information. For a moment, a dark look haunted his eyes, and Hakuryuu was sure he saw a spark of determination in them. Maybe Alibaba had a real reason to fight for the Grail after all.

"I should get back to class, I'll see you later, Alibaba," Hakuryuu spoke, packing up his things and standing.

"Yeah, me too," Alibaba stood as well. "Thanks for explaining everything to me... I really need to win this Grail."

Hakuryuu nodded simply, although he was growing more and more interested in the blond. It seemed he might be wrong for assuming Alibaba was frivolous and immature.


Hakuryuu looked down at his hand in shock, stopping dead in his tracks as he walked home from school. A strange symbol had appeared on his right hand in red, and he knew exactly what it meant.

"Oof!" Alibaba grunted, walking into Hakuryuu's back. "Hey! Why'd you stop all of a sudden?"

Hakuryuu was too lost in thought. It didn't make sense. Hakuryuu wasn't the mage of the Ren family. He didn't own the crest. Then why had the Grail picked him? Had the Grail heard his desire for it and accepted him? He had to assume so.

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