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Chapter- Sixteen

"Come again?" I asked blinking once, twice, thrice and just staring at his dumfounded.

Did he just say me to admit that his name is Kevein?

The hell?

George sighed before meeting my blue...err..brown eyes through the rearview mirror, "Do as I say, okay?"

"But, you are George!" I exclaimed dramatically, spreading my hands. He turned his head to look at me, "Do as I say, please."



"Okay," I huffed in annoyance and folded my arms over my chest. No one was telling me what was happening. Even though, I was a part in their silly and stupid game, they had not told me what was really up.

I, seriously, need to figure this out on my own.

I saw George's tense body get relaxed and his guarded expression became like his usual carefree one. He gave me a lopsided smile, "Awesome!"

I gave him a small smile, which was forced and fake. He turned back and started to drive us towards wherever we were going.

I averted my gaze from him and stared out of the window, when a thought struck me.

"Where's Vitale?" I asked him as I turned to look at him.

"He's safe."


Knowing that he would not give me a straight answer, I nodded my head.

He's safe and that is enough.

Wait....I do no care if he is safe or not. Let him die for all I care.

Right, a nagging voice in the back of my head shot back.

I shook my head and then ran my hand through my hair.

I decided to not think much and just rest. My mind had a habit of thinking too much than the situation requires and then it leads to a massive headache.

I yawned before rubbing my tired eyes. I need to sleep. If Vitale would not had interrupted me, then I would have been sleeping peacefully on the couch.

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