Chapter 1

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"Chloe, can you please take out your headphones and listen to me?" Mum yelled. She yanked the earbuds out catching my attention. 

"Sorry mum, what do you need?" I said. The doorbell rang. Mum ran to get the door while I picked up the headphones and placed one back in. We only moved here a few days ago, who would be ringing?

She opened the door. I couldn't see who it was but I heard a women's voice. I stood up from the sofas and walked upstairs. 

"Chloe!" Mum said. Great she got me. I turned around and I saw there was a lady and two boys who looked my age. I walked to the door. 

"Hello Chloe, my name's Anne," The lady said smiling. "This is Harry, my son," She said looking at the boy with curly brown hair. He didn't greet or wave. "Um, hey" I mumbled.

"And this is Louis, my other son." She said smiling at the boy with blue eyes and light brown hair.

"Hi" He said. I waved. Well at least he answered me.

"We would like to invite your family to our home!" Anne smiled. 

"Oh how nice of you! We would be delighted to come!" Mum beamed.

"Okay, so we shall see you at 6:30pm?" Anne asked.

"Of course, thank you!" Mum answered

I turned on my phone. Damn it. It was 6:00 already. I was still in my sweatpants and my sweater. I rushed to the wardrobe and picked out a red velvet dress with frills at the bottom. I took off my sweater and sweatpants and threw them on my chair and I put the dress on. I ran down the corridor to the bathroom and I brushed my hair and straightened it. I then ran back to my room and got out my black heels out and put them on. I then put mascara and lipgloss on. 

"Chloe! We're going to be late!" Mum called. 

I grabbed my phone and purse and I went downstairs. 

"You look pretty Chloe, c'mon let's go!" Mum said opening the front door. 

Mum knocked on the front door of Anne, Louis and Harrys' house. Anne opened the door. She looked so beautiful. She had a yellow dress on with sliver flats. 

"Come in! You both look gorgeous!" Anne greeted. 

"Thank you" I said. 

We walked in and the house was quite small and cosy. Anne walked us into the dining room and Harry and Louis were seated. They both wore tuxedos. Harry made eye contact with me but then glared down at his empty plate. 

I sat besides Louis and Anne. Louis and Anne seemed really nice. "Hey, you look lovely" Louis said to me. "Thanks, you look great yourself" I said smiling. 

"Anne, I need the bathroom and I.. um don't know where it is" I whispered to Anne. Anne started laughing

"Louis can you show Chloe the bathroom please" She said. 

"I will." Someone said. I looked up to see who did and it was Harry.

We walked up the stairs. "How come you offered to show me the bathroom?" I whispered. Why did I asked that. I'm so stupid at times.

"Why can't I?" Harry snapped. 

"Because you haven't greeted me or anything" I said.

"I don't need to greet you." He hissed.

I closed the bathroom door and locked it. Why was he so rude to me? What did I do? I opened my purse and picked up my phone. I heard footsteps from outside. Harry went back downstairs so it couldn't have been him. The footsteps got louder and louder and then they knocked on the door. Should I open the door? I unlocked it and opened it. Louis was standing giggling.