first day at school

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Information :

(Y/n) : your name

(L/n) : Last name

(E/c) : Eye Colour

"(Y/n)!!" Your childhood friend, yukimura greet you

"I'm so glad you schooled at Seika high school now!" He hugged you

"Yeah, me too! It's been a while!" You said

"Oh! What class are you in?" He ask


Yukimura face became sad

"We're in different class" he said

"Eh, we can still see each other at lunch break!" You cheered him

He smiled

"Ah! I need to see kaichou! Umm, usui-san!!" He called a tall boy with yellow hair

You amazed by his look because he is very handsome

Usui approach him

"Can you please deliver (y/n) to her class? You both are in the same class! Pleaseee"

Usui stared at you

Then he nod

"Thank you!!" Yukimura bow and left

Usui still stared at you

"H-hi, i'm (L/n) (y/n)" you bow

"Usui Takumi"

He led you to class 2-2

"T-thankyou!" You said

He just smile

Lunch break

"(Y/n)!" Yukimura came to your class

"Yukimura!" You greet him

"Ara~ you know her?" Misaki ask him

"Yes! She's my childhood friend"

"Oh! (Y/n) this is for you!" Yukimura gave you coupon to Maid Latte

"Thankyou, yukimura!" You smiled

"E-eh maid latte?" Misaki froze

"What's wrong?" You ask


"Let's eat!" Yukimura grab your hand

"Ah! Wait, i'll catch up later! I need to go to the toilet" you excuse and went

After you're out from the toilet you saw usui with stomach growling

You laugh a little

"Usui-san, are you hungry?" You ask

He looked away

You chuckle and give him your maid latte coupon

"Maid latte?"

You nod

"Take it! I don't have time to go there anyway" you smiled

"Thankyou" he said

You nod and left

"(L/n)" he called

"You're one interesting girl" he said

You blushed and left

Time skip at your home

"I'm home" you said while taking off your shoes

"Ah you're home" your mom greet from far, dining room perhaps

You went to the dining room and shocked

You saw usui


"Ara~ (L/n)" he greet with smirk

"Oh! You know each other? That's good!" Your mom smiled

"H-how did you get here?" You ask

"By walk" he answered

"No! I mean, how did you know my house?!"

"Oh, he helped me!" Your mom started to tell the story


Your mom walked home from grocery store, but then one of her grocery bag was left,

When she wanted to go back, usui already gave her

So, as thankyou she let him to your house

Flashback end

"Thank you, usui-san" you bow

He smiled

"It's getting late, i should go home" he stood up

You deliver him to the front door

"(L/n)" he called again


"the way you bow, really turns me on" he said

You blushed and look away

"W-what are you talking about!" You said

He chuckle and left

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