Chapter 11 : I'm Sorry

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Kakashi's pov

Hiro is still reading her book when mr. Tazuna tell us his story. Right after he finished his story, Hiro stand from her seat. "I'm going to eat in my room" She brought the plate with her. When Hiro about to go up stair, She turn her head once more "I'm sorry for earlier Sakura. It's..." "N-No... It's totally fine. I'm the one who supposed to be sorry Hiro. And Thank you" "Yeah. I'll get going then" Hiro went up stairs and all of us remain quiet until we heard the sound of Hiro locked the door.

"Is it what I think just happen?" Sasuke ask "Sakura, You need to explain to me what just happened" I told sakura with serious tone and put my hand on the table. "O-okay sensei." She told me what just happened.

I sighed in relieve "You really looking for trouble aren't you? It's good that she heard my word" I mumbled the last part so that she won't hear it. "Well what actually happened sensei?" Sasuke ask curiosly. It's really odd that there's something caught his curiosity. "If you really eager to know, I don't have much choice... You need to ask herself" Everybody deadpaned after I finish my sentence. "I'm eating in my room. See ya tomorrow" I wave my hand while walking leaving the other and head to my room.

Sasuke's pov

After finishing dinner, I head to my room that I shared with Hiroyuki. When I enter the room, I could only see that she left her food untouched and the window are wide open. Where could she be? As curiosity controling over my whole body, I lean to the window and see her. There, She sit on the roof and stare at the shining star. What could she thinking right now? Is it about her little argument with Sakura? I feel that I need to check her out.

I brought her food with me to the roof. I know that she sense me coming. She keep stares blankly to the night sky. "Mind if I seat here and feed you your meal?" "I don't feel like eating dinner. Just leave it already" She answer me without even moving her body to face me.

"You need to eat. If you got no energy, you won't recover your chakra and also your injury from the last battle." "Fine" She hug both of her legs and put her chin on her knee. I sit beside her and pull down her mask until right under her lips.

I started to give her a spoonful of rice and beef yakiniku on top of it. She slightly open her mouth and I sucesfully feed her something for dinner. "Mind telling me your story while I feed you?" "I no thes a cat fo dat..." She talk with her mouth full that I can't understand. I chuckle a bit "I don't understand what you just said. Swallow your food down first then we talk" She pouted like a little child. She's so cute when she's like that.

After she swallowed her food, she sighed before continue "You smart little duck-ass" Why am I familiar with that name? "Who are you calling duck-ass huh?" "You baka" She smiled and back face the night sky.

"You remember what I told you at the training ground?" "Yeah, why?" I feed Hiro another spoon of her meal. She slowly chew her food down while thinking of what to tell me. "Sakura told me earlier to just get over it and move on. But I over reacted and scare her with my sudden change of attitude."

Now I get it. It's really hurt when someone who knows nothing then told you what you should do like get over it and move on like it's the easiest thing to do. But, It's not. I feed her again while she still stares blankly on the night sky.

"Now I understand why you did that. I guess you're not over-reacting. If I were you, I could have killed her in the survival training. But I'm proud of you." I catch her attention and she's now facing me. I feed another spoon of food. "And there's the last. Such a smart kid you're" I ruffled her hair and she pouted and fixing her hair while chewing the last of her meal.

Hiroyuki's pov

He put my plate aside and then continue staring at me while I'm busy fixing my now ruined hair. "She's really cute when she pouted like that." "I can clearly hear that you know" "But you can't hear this" He pull my right hand and place it on her chest. I could feel his heart are beating so fast that it felt like it's going to explode.

I shift my position so that I could face him comfortablely with my hand still on his chest. My mask are down, he cupped my cheek with his right hand. That lips, it's so tempting. Why am I keep looking at his lips? He slowly lean over to me. Slow but steady. I just froze right there. I don't know why but my body won't move according to what I'm thinking.

Our lips meet each other and he closed his eye. I see his calm expression that makes me relax and our lips just move in sync like it's greeting each other. He slowly pushing me down and there he's now above me. As we're kissing, his heart beat slowly beats slower into constant beat ba-dum ba-dum

We then broke form our little kiss. His face is now inch above my face. His heart beat sudenly beats quickly as he stare at my face up close. I feel like my body are getting so hot that I felt like to sleep in a tub filled with ice. I can't really hide my blush so I pulled my hand from his chest and pulled up my mask before push him up from my little body. He's blushing and sit on his previous spot. I can't face him anymore tonight. "I'm going to bed first. see ya tomorrow duck-butt" I say before I jumped from the roof to the ground with my now empty plate.

After I cleaned my plate, I head back to our shared room. Sasuke's now already back in our room. He's now seating on his bed and packing his stuff. I avoided any eye contact as I enter the room. I immediately head to my bed and plop inside my blanket and face the wall.


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