Text 24

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Warnings: alcohol and swearing

Phil: WEEeEEeeEeE!!!!1!!!
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Dan: Whts for dinr pulley
Phil: Achlol is funny hahhahshahhagahaha
Dan: Hy PhoLly Imam tell ypu skmethisnn
Phil: YeEsss????
Dan: I Lovbbeere youhhhu
Phil: Thisssww clubs ucks ets go hOmee
Dan: HOoooooowwowowowowo??
Phil: Thes a tacksi
Dan: im tyres lets slelelpp
Phil: I just shagttt myself heeeeeehhegeeeeegheeeeee!!!
Dan: lollllll hahahah yoyyy idot
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Dan: Fuck my head hurts
Read 11:31am
Phil: Why is your toothbrush in my room on the floor?
Dan: I honestly have no fucking clue bring me some panadol
Phil: no you lazy arse get it yourself
Dan: on second thoughts I'm going to sleep
Phil: the front door wasn't locked
Dan: do I sound like I give a shit?
Dan: actually, on the topic of shits...
Dan: ssh imma trying to sleep
Phil: alright baby
Read 11:36am

Time zones are so weird


hope you liked that shapter (yes that was on purpose) I'd love to hear your feedback on the book so far and if I can edit/change anything

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