Author's Note! ☆

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Sorry, this isn't an update. I just decided to tell you guys some things about the story. cx

So, in this book, I will be avoiding some things that happens in most Karma x Readers as much as I can. Which is... the following:

1. Reader-chan is demoted from A class to E class or is a transfer student.

2. Reader-chan is incredibly smart, beating Asano or almost beating Asano, and some other similar stuff.

3. Reader-chan is tsundere (snappy but loving) or deredere (shy, sweet, caring, loli, etc.)

4. Reader-chan sits beside Karma... o-o this has been happening way too often tbh lol XD

5. Reader-chan is a pro assassinator

6. Reader-chan succeeds in hurting Koro-sensei on their first meeting, or multiple times on other events.

7. Reader-chan calls Karma with "Karma-kun".

So the things listed above will not happen to Reader-chan. Well, although you might have seen some of the above in the previous chapters, like Reader-chan calling using "Karma-kun" or Reader-chan having a shy, stuttering personality. However it's not the real.. well, you'll see later~ haha.

HOWEVER, I CAN'T HELP IT TO MAKE READER-CHAN AT LEAST BE IN FIRST OVERALL RANKS ONCE. cause I have been in first place on overall and it wasn't that hard. Ahh. so tempting. She shouldn't be way too smart though.

Also, Reader-chan is not a deredere. Yes I know she is acting like one, but she just isn't.

One last thing, I'm changing the (name) into a random Japanese name. Sorry. But later, further in the story, you will use (name) as your name again. Cx ~ ♡ thank you

Btw no lemons.


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