"Now come with me, baby." He gently grabbed my hand - probably to frighten me even more - and led me towards the black and white dress laying carelessly on the slightly blood-stained carpet.

He knelt down behind me before lightly kissing the back of my thigh. I squealed then frantically took a step forward, away from him. He grabbed onto my calf, capturing me, causing me to stumble slightly.

"Come on, babe." He chuckled. "Don't be difficult."

I whimpered quietly and stood still. My body went rigid as he kissed the same place again then ran his left hand down my leg. Wherever he touched, goosebumps appeared.

"What are you doing?" Why is he touching me? Is he going to rape me?

He didn't reply and instead grabbed my hips then stood to his feet, still behind me. The dress is in his right hand.

His large, warm hands slipped under my top. I knew not to move an inch but I was tempted to.

"Mind holding this, baby girl?" He whispered roughly in my ear.

I was afraid that it was a knife and that he was planning to purposely cut me but I was given the gun that I just recently aimed at him, and he aimed at me.

I cautiously took it from him and held it down at my side, finger not on the trigger. His hands moved higher and higher until they were just under my breasts.

I gasped, remembering I wasn't wearing a bra.

"So tell me about your mum." Harry spoke up, too casually for my liking.

I didn't want to answer, so I didn't.

Instead moisture pooled in my eyes and I burst into tears.

He took that opportunity to practically rip off my tank top. I screamed and covered my chest, still full-on crying.

It had only been a few days that my mother had been brutally murdered and I honestly felt that I should have cried more.

"Do you want to stand around all day with no shirt on or do you want this cute little dress on your gorgeous body?" His rough hands ran down my sides.

I whimpered and stared straight ahead at the white wall while he lifted the dress above my head.

"Arms up." He mumbled against my shoulder before sucking lightly on it.

I gasped, my heart rate increasing rapidly by the second.

What was with him and kissing my body all of a sudden?

I didn't know what to do at this point. This was beyond uncomfortable and I was so embarrassed.

My uncontrollable cries were the only sounds that filled the silence of the quiet room.

As soon as I raised my limbs and the dress was slid over my head, I gripped the fabric and brought it down as fast as possible, disconnecting Harry's lips from my shoulder.

I zipped it up, the zip was somehow oddly in the front, and then whipped around to face him.

"There." I gushed, handing him the gun quickly, where he tossed it on the bed.

Tears continued to cascade down my face.

"Aw, does my baby need a hug?" He held a smug grin as he opened his arms wide.

I shook my head hastily.

His baby?

"See? Look how pretty you are." I couldn't tell if his tone was taunting or actually honest.