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Pen Your Pride


Liam: Your brother Niall was hosting a pool party at your house that you shared with your best-friend. Your best-friend was away visiting your family in her hometown so she wasn’t there. The lads were all invited and your friends from school were also. No-one knew but you secretly liked on of your brother’s best friends, Liam. You thought he also like you by the way he talked to you or about you, the way he winks at you when no-one else is looking and how he hugs you just that little bit longer at parties such as this one. As you were just grabbing a new bag of chips from the pantry and shook them into the bowl you hear the door shut. You think nothing of it at the time, but just to be sure you take the side door outside. The side door is never really used as it is just down the side of the house. There are 2 gates. You close the door and make your way to the back gate. “Hey, (Y/N) wait up!” You hear a voice behind you. Liam had taken the side door as well and was walking towards you. “Oh, hey Liam, why aren’t you out the back?” You asked. “I needed to talk you.” He smiled. “Oh, okay, what about?” You asked. “I need to know if you like me.” He blurts out. “What?” You ask confused. “(Y/N) do you like me?” He asked. Hope in those beautiful eyes of his. “Well, yeah, you’re a nice person, one of my older brother’s best mates-” You were cut off with your back hitting the wall ever so gently but something came over Liam, you’d never seen him this passionate before. His lips attached to yours like they were stitched together. You dropped the bowl of chips that were in your hand and moved your arms to his neck. “Uh-hem” Niall cleared his throat. You instantly pulled away as well was he did. You and Liam were busted.

Harry: Being Liam’s little sister, of course he’s an overprotective older brother. You knew as soon as Harry had kissed you that night at the club 4 months ago, that Liam was going to freak out. Liam and Harry are best mates but when it comes to you they both love you dearly. Today Harry and Liam were both at your flat and today was the day you were going to tell him. You were sitting on the couch and so was Harry and Liam was sitting on the chair. You were all watching some movie. “Liam, can you go out and get us food please.” You pleaded. “Okay, I’ll be back soon.” He said as he walked out. “I thought he would never leave.” Harry said as he leaned over and kissed you, as you kissed back. You pulled away, “Haz, how are we gonna tell him?” You asked. “When he comes back we’ll just tell him. It should be easy, shouldn’t it?” He said. “I don’t know how he’ll react though.” I said. “Well, he is gonna be mad that you guys didn’t tell him first, then he’ll applaud himself for leaving his wallet at home so he could find out.” Liam said as he walked in, arms crossed, leaning against the door frame. “Uh, hey mate.” Harry awkwardly said. “ How long?” He asked. “4 months.” You whispered. “What?” He asked. He didn’t here it because you whispered, obviously. “Four months.” Harry said a little louder. “So for 4 months you guys were sneaking around behind my back?” We nodded. “Harry I swear if you break her heart, i’ll break your face.” He finally said. I think that was a yes!

Zayn: “Louis, come on, we need to leave before the premier.” You yelled at your older brother. You were Zayn’s date for the premier as well as his girlfriend Eleanor. “Does he normally take this long?” You ask Eleanor. “No he doesn’t usually.” She answered back. “Hey guys, sorry I was on the phone. (Y/N) anything to tell me?” He looked at me. “Ahhh?” You said confused. “(Y/N) you’re not coming with me to the premier anymore.” He said. “Zayn, that’s a bit unfair, don’t you think?” Eleanor said in my defense. “Oh no, she’s going to the premier just not with us. She’s going with her boyfriend of 2 months.” He smiled at me. Eleanor’s face was very confused. “You don’t mean-” The door bell stopped you. You walked over to the door and as you opened you got a very big shock. “Wow, you look amazing.” Zayn said. You just leaned in for a hug, and hugged him for what felt like forever. “Miss sneaky over hear has been dating my fellow bandmate for the past 2 months and now she’s gonna go to this premier with him. Give the paps a run for their money.” He said as we all left. “Okay go on.” He said, you both knew what to do. As your lips touched a passionate yet G rated kiss was shared between you and Zayn. Now know tot he world as your boyfriend.

Louis: So the youngest member of One Direction is Harry. Everybody knows that, but no-one know that you, his older sister is dating is bandmate Louis. You were at the movies with Louis having a secret date night, you went by yourself and just happened to sit up the back next to your secret boyfriend. Out of no where you hear a group of boys run up the stairs. It’s the rest of boys from 1D. You and Louis both sink down in your seat. Fortunate for you they sit 8 rows in front of you. Unfortunate for you, you needed to  go tot he bathroom half way through. “Damn.” You whispered. “What’s wrong babe?” Lou asked. “I need to pee, but the lads are down there.” You said. “It’s dark they won’t be able to see you.” He said back. I slowly walked past the people in the theater and walked out the door. As you then exited the bathroom you made your way back to the cinema when, “(Y/N)?” Caught red handed, it was Harry. “Hey little bro! What movie are you seeing?” I asked. “Apparently the same movie as you and your boyfriend are seeing.” You looked at him confused. “Sorry, babe. They kinda caught us.” Louis said as he walked around the corner.  “Going out with one of my best mates? Really?” He asked me looking shameful. “Actually mate, I asked her out first.” Lou stepped in. Then kissing me on the cheek. “Alright, alright I get it deeply in love and stuff now i’m gonna leave.” As the lads left, you and Louis walked out into a near by cafe. 

Niall: “Can you stop that please?” You ask your brother, Zayn’s bandmate Niall. Also know as your secret crush. You didn’t know if Niall likes you back so you kinda just don’t mention it, like at all. The boys were all at our house watching some T.V and just talking about stuff. Zayn pulled Niall into the kitchen, where you were sitting reading a magazine. “That was weird, dude. I mean she is my younger sister. You can’t just blurt out to me that you like out of no where I mean seriously. Bad timing dude.” You could just faintly hear them talking. You questioned if you even heard them correctly. Niall liking you? This never would’ve happened, well you never would’ve thought. “Hey (Y/N)!” Niall said after he had come out from the halfway where he was talking to your older brother. “Hey Niall.” You said back. “Umm, can I ask you something?” He said stepping towards you and sitting down. “Uhh, sure.” You answered really shyly. “Would you like to go out on Saturday night?” He asked. “What?” You asked again. “Do you want to go out on Saturday night?” He repeated.  “Wait, me?” You asked again. “(Y/N) is there something wrong?” He asked. “I just didn’t think in a million years that you would ask me out.” You said playing with the food on your plate with your fork. “Well, I am because I think your an amazing person, so would you-” You cut him off by kissing him. He instantly kisses you back. “Does that answer your question?” You ask. “Absolutely.” He says before he starts kissing you again.

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