Fame or Babes?

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"Hey Autumn, What’s up?" My best friend Mae asked me, "Mae, I have to talk to you" I quickly say, at the moment I'm in my house where I live with my boyfriend, my little sister, Amber and our pet cat, Maxi.

"Okay Auti, Calm down, I will meet you down the street at that cafe, okay?" Heather asked me, "Yep, Fine by me, Bye Mae" I say quickly ending the call, chucking my phone to my bag, I look down at the pregnancy test. Positive... all of them are fucking positive!

I looked around the walls of the bathroom I’m in, all is white, clean, and yeah I’m used to it since my boyfriend is a famous actor, but… I’m not going to be used to me being pregnant, I would LOVE to be pregnant when I’m ready, like around my late 20’s not when I fucking 21!


Hey Guys, This is my new book.

I made the cover so yeah thats why it looks crappy, I also made a profile pick for my bestie @BagelButt so you can ask me for a profile pick or cover XD

I wanna say HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY to my brother Evan, I lost a tooth the same day, I know he may not be able to read this since he prefers games then this and I hope he is having a fab time in Sydney while I'm stuck in Melbourne, yep dats right I live in Melbourne Australia just like my mum.

Not my Dad, well he lived in Melbourne as a child, but he was born England!

IDK why but I just have all these dreams and my body forces me to write a book about it XD.

Hope u like this book!

xx Portia

P.S. i cant eat no more potatoes :c living a life wif no potatoes it just hard man!

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