❝ Pain, hate, envy those are the ABC's of me. Hey, get rid of them and there's nothing left.❞  


In a world plagued with blood and death, where rules are broken and the very nature is kill or be killed, John Murphy will do anything to survive, including standing against his own people. To betray is in his very nature and when it comes to his survival, he'll pretty much kill for it. 

When John finds himself in Polis, abandoned by Clarke Griffin, he knows what he must do. To stay alive he must play the part, even if that means standing on the wrong side of the war. A war the new Commander of the twelve clans has set upon the Sky People, a war she will stop at nothing to win. 

John stands by her side willingly, but he is not alone.

 Adhara, a daughter of the Ice Nation stands by Commander Ontari, the new leader of the clans. She is the daughter of a late ambassador of the Ice Nation, the daughter of a respected adviser to the late Nia, Queen of Ice Nation. Now, Nia is dead and her son, Roan sits on the ice throne. Now Adhere stands by her childhood friends, willing to defend their lives with her own. 

When Ontari allows John Murphy, son of Sky People to stay in Polis and by her side, Adhara keeps her eye on him. She doesn't trust a boy who would stand against his own people, betraying his own kind. With all her warnings, Ontari still allows the boy to fight with them though. 

Adhara is quick to distrust John from her past experiences, but slowly John Murphy breaks down her walls and turns her heart against her head. 

In a world where love is a burden, a weapon used against others and a meaningless emotion. Where the very idea of love can get you killed. In a world where love is considered a weakness.

 These two survivors are about to learn the hard way why love is worth fighting for. 



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So, I've gone and done it. Another coming soon book, but why not? I'm John Murphy trash and with the newest episode, I caved. Please don't hate me guys. All my current books will be finished, or mostly when I start writing my new fanfictions which should be very soon.

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