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In order to maximise your enjoyment in our roleplay, here are the do-s and don't-s.

- Just get a command block for no reason
- Tame the bosses
- Have OP/magical/immortal/supernatural powers, abilities or weapons
- Teleport
- Carry enchanted weapons from Episode 1 to 4
- Predict the future
- Resurrect dead OCs
- Do any smutty stuff (you know what we're talking about)
- Type like u textin, kay?
- Curse, cuss or swear without censors
- Write stuff like this: Mary: *approachs Gary* Hi there! I'm Mary! *smiles* (Only the MCSM characters would use that)
- Claim yourself to be related with any MCSM characters
- Kill OCs without owner's permission
- Play God
- Be an OP Mary / Gary Sue
- Spam users after the RP
- Post offensive statements in the RP
- Cyber-bully users in and out of the RP (That's a definite NO)

- Submit forms before roleplay
- Obey the rules
- Write in third-person (it'll be easier for the others to remember your name)
- Write like this: Mary walked over to a male figure and approached him, "Hi there! I'm Mary!" she smiled as she said cheerfully.
- Use () when talking outside of the RP
- Be creative!
- Hate the character, not the roleplayer
- Come up with exciting / romantic / interesting stories!
- Make new friends!
- HAVE FUN!!! :D

A Quick Note
The pace of this RP is super fast (over 50 replies per minute), so it is not recommended to use long, descriptive replies for the RP

All of the RPs are supervised by the club. If the club finds out anyone is violating the rules, the club will send them a message through inbox as a warning.

Roleplayers can report other users to the club if found out they broke any of the rules.

If the user has violated the rules continuously, the club has the right to kick them out of the RP. But that's something we really want to avoid.

Comment "Roleplay Begin" if you have read all the rules!

Stay crafty! :D

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