Chapter 28

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Madison's POV
I woke up when I heard a familiar, but unrecognizable voice shouting in Aaliyah's side of the room.
"You need to let me see her! I need to see her now?" the boys voice said.
I sat up and rubbed my eyes before getting out of bed to see who it was.
"Great, you woke her up! You can see her later-- it's not like you know eachother", I heard Aaliyah whisper yell and the door shut, just when I turned the corner.
"Oh your awake! What do you want for breakfast?" She asked me and I stood there with my arms crossed.
When she wasn't getting the hint, I technically told her.
"Hmmmm, maybe details on what exactly happened right now that your hiding from me?" I replied.
She looked down and looked back at me with a more serious expression this time.
"Look Uhm Cara, that the problem. I don't know what's wrong with him... He's been freaking out ever since he found out your here and I don't know why. You could ask him later though when he comes here?" She said with her hands in her pockets. I was confused about who exactly we were talking about, but chose to push it aside for right now.
"Where do we eat breakfast anyways?" I asked her changing the subject.
"Me and you eat it on the balcony because we have to stay in our rooms during breakfast", she answered and I nodded. She passed me a booklet with options and I started to look through it while she fixed her bed.
"Oh and don't let them see your phone or laptop because your not supposed to have it with you for the first week", she informed me and I quickly put it away.
"Could you just get me a breakfast muffin and some green tea?" I asked her and she nodded her head while picking up the room phone.
We headed out to the balcony and sat down and talked until the food came.
"I think Shawn and Cameron outdid themselves", I said to her and she looked away.
"I miss everyone more and more each day", she said and sighed.
"How long have you been here?" I asked her and she shrugged.
"I guess two weeks today", she said.
"But I don't understand why Shawn made me come all the way over here instead of Vancouver... Why so far away from him?" She continued and my head shot up.
"Wait, he's in Vancouver too?" I questioned and she hesitantly nodded.
"So I'm guessing he's met this Katherine that Cameron speaks so highly of...", I continued with a smirk and her jaw started to hang.
"You mean Katherine... My brothers best friend Katherine?" She asked me and I spit out my tea.
"No way!" I said and she nodded while smiling.
"The world is such a small place", I sighed with a smile. I took another so of my tea, but spat it out again.
"Are you okay?" Aaliyah asked with a concerned look.
"This tea taste nasty", I stated. "And the muffin". She laughed at me as I made a sour face, but stopped when the doorbell rung.
"Could I see her now?" the same voice asked from earlier.
"We are eating our brea-", Aaliyah stopped and I heard the door squeak.
"Or just invite yourself in". Where have I heard his voice before?
"I haven't seen her in years...", he started to talk to Aaliyah. My heart stopped and I thought for a second.
Madison stop hallucinating.... It's not possible. I slowly got up from my seat and walked into the living room. The guys back was facing me as he sat accross from Aaliyah.
"Here she is, now you can breathe", Aaliyah motioned sarcastically to me as I slowly walked closer. He turned around and I stopped in my tracks.
"Cara?" He said with that same smile that I've longed to see for what felt like ages.
"Adam?" I asked and lowered ontoy knees because they started to feel like Jello. I held my hands to stop them from shaking when I started to mumble my thoughts.
"N-no it can't be you I mean him h-he is dead I no it-it isn't I I", he came and wrapped his arms around me as the tears built up in my eyes.
"Shhhh it's me, I'm back, I'm here now", he whispered to me as he held me on his lap.
I looked up at him and his eyes were read too. "Why did you leave me there?" I asked him while the tears started to pour out and I started to sob. I pulled up against his chest like he was gonna leave again.
"Why would you leave me with-with them to suffer? To slowly die?" I questioned and hit his chest with my first using any energy that I had at the moment.
"That day when I came home, I was thrown out after getting violently beaten by dad and I couldn't come back. He threatened to do something to you if I did", he said and I stood up.
"But why?! Why wouldn't you atleast tell me", I shouted while backing away. I looked up at the sealing and pressed the sides of my head because of the headache I was starting to get.
"You let me believe you were dead...." I said in a hushed tone.
"Cara, I'm sor-" He started to say and I cut him off.
"It's Madison now", I stated.
"Madison, I-", he tried to continue but I cut him off again.
"Get out, I-i juat can't see you right now", I said while pointing at the door.
"Madis-" He softly said but for the last time, I wasn't planning on hearing his voice at the moment.
"Just please, get out...", I mumbled and looked away while whimpers came from me.
After I heard the door shut, I collapsed on the floor again and started to cry. Reality was hitting me hard. In a couple months I will be with Cameron and Adam won't even be around again... I can't go through the mourning process allover again. I won't. Aaliyah was hugging me right now and I just suddenly stopped crying. I got up and quickly mumbled,"I'm gonna sleep a little", before walking to my bed and getting under the sheets. I layer there for hours, emotionally drained, and just thought my incomplete thoughts until at some point, I fell asleep.
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