Golden Eyes

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I was sitting on the brown leather couch legs crossed, binge eating salted potato chips while having a Netflix marathon. It was a normal lazy day until Tabby my roommate/BFF for life busted through the door squealing.

"OMG SIERRAAAAAAA!" Her squeal was high pitched and I flinched.

Turing down the volume I turned to look at her. She had dirty blond hair, blue-green eyes and excitement pouring from her 24/7.


She smiled so big she looked a little like the Chesire Cat which made me a little(a lot) cautious.

"We are going to a party tonight!"

She pronounced we as if I wasn't going to go, she was accurate. Now she was doing small excited hops, I wonder if she had caffeine today...

"I'm not going."

"I knew you'd say that but there's something or should I say someone who will convince you to go." She rolled her eyes at the beginning of her sentence then smiled mischievously.

Heat crept on my cheeks and although I knew who she was talking about I had to double check. "Who?"

"Ethan Little."

Now my cheeks were beet red. "R-Really..? Maybe I-I should g-"

She waved a hand dismissively "I'll save you the embarrassment I tell them to save two spaces. Now we have to get you glammed up! This is a once in a lifetime chance!"

"You're exaggerating."

Tabby was half true. Ethan only attended three parties this whole year. So maybe this is my once in a lifetime chance considering how little he goes to parties...that and there are only two weeks before the big party for the end of the year and according to my sources (aka professional stalker Tabby) that he won't attend.

"You're coming right?"

I nodded slowly, "Yeah I guess."

"Good! Now put down that bag of carbs and let's go shopping!"

Smiling I turned off the TV put away my 'bag of carbs' and we were off.


I held up the dress unsure if it was a good choice.

"I don't know Tabby... It's not really me."

She rolled her eyes "Sierra it's definitely your style your just self-conscious because Ethan will be there."

While saying Ethan she moved the pitch up and down in a teasing tone. This caused me to blush.

"Oh shut up you bum." I stuck out my tongue and she giggled. "But really will I look hot in this. We don't have time to regret it in so if it's not Ima smack you."

This time she rolled her eyes, "It will it will."

After purchasing the dresses and a few more accessories we went out and are at our favorite café. We slid into a booth near the window and sipped on our pink lemonades while skimming the menu.

"Whatcha gonna have?"

I looked up at Tabby and went back to skimming my menu.

"Hmmm, I don't know something light... Ooo! Maybe a strawberry spinach salad with feta and balsamic vinegar! Yum."

She crinkled her nose "Ehhhh, I'm going for a sandwich."

"Is that light?"

She looked lazily at me, "Sierra its food there is no such thing as eating 'light'. "

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