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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

"We will miss you a lot, Sophia. When are you coming back?" Antoinette a.k.a. Toni said, looking at Sophia who was scanning her wardrobe. Toni has been Sophia's best friend since grade school.

"I will miss you, too, Toni and of course you, Alex. I don't know when I'll be coming back. Maybe after three months." Sophia sighed, clasped her slender hands together, and stared at both girls lying on her bed.

"Oh, Sophia, you made me cry." Alexis wiped the moisture in her eyes.

Toni laughed. "You're such a softy, Alex. Three months is such a short time, about ninety days only."

Alexis was Toni's first cousin. She was a year younger than Sophia and Toni. But because the three of them attended the same school during the primary level, they instantly became close friends.

"I will miss our sleepovers, going to the bar, and our crazy parties." Sophia opened her empty luggage and started putting her clothes inside. She was packing her things for her flight to New York the following day.

"Of course, and our fun with the press people. Letting them believe that we had wild parties just to annoy your father, well not all the time, only when he reminded you again of that arranged marriage." Toni said and hugged a heart-shaped pillow.

"I did that on purpose so that my so-called ex-fiancé would back out from that arranged marriage."

"Hmm...but it didn't work, he still wanted to marry you." Alexis raised one eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders.

"Yes, because of selfishness. He wanted to control both our family's fortunes. He is so rich already and still unsatisfied with it." Sophia took some of her undergarments in the drawer.

"But he is so handsome, Sophia! He looks like a Hollywood movie star!" Toni giggled.

"So does Ian." Sophia rolled her eyes and folded her clothes.

"But Enrique Monteiro is a total package, tall, smart, and gorgeous, right Alex?" Toni rolled off of the bed to help Sophia fold her dresses before putting them inside the luggage.

"I don't know. Both men are gorgeous, but Mr. Monteiro has more money than Ian. Besides, Ian is a jerk. He cheated on Sophia by sleeping with that bitch Margo." Alexis said with distaste on her face.

Sophia suddenly felt hurt, remembering her breakup with Ian three weeks ago. She and Ian had just started their relationship when the incident with Margo happened.

Margo Lima, an actress in Brazil known for her sexy roles and bold attitude. She had long curly blond hair with extra large breasts and a small waist. Ian Dominquez was the producer of the movie with Margo's first starring role.

It was during the press release of her movie that Margo divulged that she slept with her producer. Her statement was all over the news in Brazil the following day, making her the talk of the town and her movie a big hit!

Sophia confronted Ian the moment she heard the news and instantly broke up with him. Ian explained that he had too much alcohol at that time. He even blamed Sophia for what happened.

"You were the one who often refused to sleep with me, because you are still a virgin. I became desperate! I'm only human, Sophia. I have needs like any other man, and here's someone who willingly offered herself to me that I couldn't refuse. That bitch tempted me."

Sophia refused to listen to his explanations anymore. For days, Ian tried to win Sophia back, but she was so determined in breaking up with him.

"You were lucky that the press people didn't know that you and Ian were an item, or else your name would have been dragged into their issue. I couldn't imagine what the headline would have been." Toni said, showing sympathy for her friend.

'Well, the tabloids here will be very boring without you in the news, throwing wild parties and hanging out with boys. So ironic, since we only hung out with gay men."

Sophia giggled. "Yes, I love Gabby and his friends. They are real friends and fun to be with. The press people were exaggerating, creating rumors that weren't true."

Toni laughed. "That's true, sister. The parties we had were not wild. We just wanted to have fun like other single women out there. Besides, we were only drinking moderately."

Sophia finally finished packing her things. The three of them were ready to sleep when Alex asked her. "So, what if you will fall in love with this Mr. Prince Charming Monteiro?"

Sophia suddenly burst out laughing at her friend's question. "Me? Oh my goodness, that won't ever happen, Alex. I don't like the guy. He is a player. Arrogant. Controlling. And manipulative. He may be handsome like Ian, but I'm already immune to handsome guys. Besides, he told me that I am not his type."

"What? He said that? The nerve..." Toni was shocked.

"Yes, he said it. Actually, I'm glad that there's no attraction between us. So, there's no danger of us getting involved in a relationship." Sophie reasoned out.

"Just be very careful, Sophia, you might get burned. Be strong and ignore any advances from him. Always remember that he's a certified playboy and don't trust him, okay?" Toni reminded her friend.

"I know, don't worry, Toni. He may be irresistible, but I'm tough. I won't fall for him." Sophia said firmly in a determined voice. "But, in case I need rescuing, please make sure that you are both available when I call for help."

"Of course, that's what friends are for." Alex replied.

The three of them embraced each other, loving and caring like real sisters. That night, before Sophia slept, a lot of questions bogged her mind.

What if she gets burned and eats her words?

What will happen in three months?

What if she falls in love with Enrique?

What if she couldn't resist him?

What if....

She remembered the morning he pulled her towards him and their bodies collided. She felt an unwelcomed surge of excitement deep within her. The very air around them seemed electrified and the way he gazed melted her knees like jellies. Oh darn...she realized, she might need rescuing after all.

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