Werewolf Hierarchy:

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A/N: Hi guys! Ok so this book is a little different from other werewolf books you might have read simply because my story line is different (obviously!) and I'm also going to add some new titles to the hierarchy of werewolves in my book. Some will be of the ones you already heard about or some will be new so for the newbies I have written a brief overview of what each role in the hierarchy means and what does the person do.

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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Werewolf Hierarchy:

Mates: To me, mates should always come first even though it has nothing to do with hierarchy. Mate or soul mate as some people say is the pre-destined person one is supposed to live with for the rest of their life. Mates are supposed to love each other, care for each other and protect each other. Mates find each other by smell, touch and it's pretty much just instinct of the inner wolves. A mate can be a human, another werewolf or another supernatural. Being mates to someone is almost like being married to them. There are some rare cases of rejection where mates don't want to be together or already love someone else so they reject each other and continue with their lives. But most rejected mates get back together as the pull of the mate bond is too strong or they realise that they had never actually loved the other person they had claimed to love to their mates.

Alpha King/Queen: These are obviously the leaders of werewolves. Each country has its own King/Queen just like in real life. So these people make treaties with other Alpha Kings/Queens to keep wars from happening in between countries. The Alpha King and Alpha Queen are mates and help each other run their respective countries. Some are so powerful that they rule over more than one country.

High Council: This is made up of a group of people called High Alphas. Each country has its own High Alpha and each High Alpha go to the High Council meetings to represent their countries. These meetings only happen if the Alpha King/Queen is unable is attend to an issue which is confidential and needs authority in order to handle it. The High Council members come right under the Alpha King/Queen and have higher authority than the Princes and Princesses of their countries but lower authority than the King/Queen.

High Alphas: These are people who represent their countries when their King/Queen is unable to. They are really dominant, strong and possessive. They have their own packs but have to also look after the other packs that reside in their representing countries. Some are so dominant that they can represent more than one country or can overtake their Kings/Queens.

Alpha Council: This council is made up of just Alphas (sometimes Lunas, Betas and Deltas are asked to come). The High Alpha can arrange a meeting with Alphas that are under him/her to discuss important matters or to inform pack related stuff.

Alpha/Alpha Female: Alpha is the male leader of a pack and Alpha Female is the female leader of a pack. Having an Alpha Female is rare because not many females are dominant. These people take care of their pack and answer to the High Alpha and their Kings/Queens.

Luna: This is the title of the mate of an Alpha male leader of a pack. The Alpha Female's mate is called just Alpha. Both Alpha and Luna have equal rights. The Luna usually takes the role of a 'mother' of the pack while the Alpha is the 'father'.

Beta: This the 2nd in command of the pack or as some like to call the right-hand man of the Alpha. They are usually with the Alpha and help with almost anything Alpha needs. Their mate is called the Beta Female. There can be female Betas who are called the same thing the mate of a Beta male is called. They can become the Alpha if something happens to the Alpha.

Delta: This the 3rd in command of the pack and the left-hand man of the Alpha. Deltas usually help with training and are the main bodyguard of the Alpha's mate. A female Delta and the mate of a Delta male is called Delta Female.

Warriors: These are a group of people who have sworn loyalty to the Alpha of their pack and are mainly to protect the pack from dangers during wars. Their mates have no special names and are treated similarly to normal pack members. Warriors can be female or male.

Normal pack members: The are the people who live under the care of their Alpha and have sworn loyalty to them. These people range from children to adults to elderly and can be male and female.

Rogues: Rogues are usually bad werewolves who have done a grave crime and have been exiled from their pack by their Alpha. People try to stay clear of them to avoid putting themselves in danger. However, there are some who have been born rogues or just left their packs to live a solitary life. Mate-less werewolves usually do this.

Hunters: A group of humans who hunt down supernaturals. Some hunters are specific on which supernatural they hunt and some hunt all supernaturals. They have special weapons that are laced with weaknesses of the supernaturals that can kill one within seconds.

Most males in my book are dominant meaning they are strong, possessive and more animal like than others. There are some females that are dominant. All Alpha Kings/Queens, High Alphas, Alphas/Alpha Females, Beta/Beta Females, Delta/Delta Females and Warriors are dominant werewolves. Not all Lunas are dominant. Most dominant werewolves have a ranking in the pack but some decide to live like normal pack members.

Most dominant werewolves are mated to submissive werewolves/humans. There are rare cases of two dominant werewolves mating which the werewolf society look up to and that family is treated like royalty.

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The Ruthless Alpha Female

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