Chapter 12-Emotional Love And 'The Talk'

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Mei: because I love her. And well, sometimes she can be really nice.

Kouichi: we still going on holiday with her? What if she tries to I'll you again??

Mei: then...then I'll run away. Don't worry about me.

Kouichi: but-

*door opens*

Misaki: hey guys! I just finished throwing up...

Kouichi: well you do get motion sickness badly.

Misaki: whatever! Anyway, Mei. Mitsuyo wants to see you.

Mei: sure-

Kouichi: NO!! Your not going anywhere. She'll hurt you again.

Mei: Sakakibara!! I'll be fine.

Kouichi: how can I be sure you will be okay?

Mei: if I scream, then come at once. If I don't scream, then I'm fine. Understand?

Kouichi: but-oh fine.

Mei: *leaves*

Kouichi: so...Misaki.

Misaki: what?

Kouichi: I...I...does your sister ever talk about me? Like before we went on the trip?

Misaki: She talked about you a bit. Why?

Kouichi: well...I, I her.

Misaki: what do you mean by like?

Kouichi: What I mean is...

Misaki: you LOVE her don't you Sakakibara?

Kouichi: maybe.

Misaki: aww, your so cute together! Does she love you?

Kouichi: I don't know. I mean, we did kiss, I think I told you that, but...but I still don't know!

Misaki: I think she does.

*Mei talking to Mitsuyo*

Mei: what do you want to talk to me about?

Mitsuyo: I just...I just wanna say that...

Mei: what?

Mitsuyo: I'm...I'm sorry. About earlier.

Mei: Oh! It''s okay Mitsuyo, you can't help your...your condition.

Mitsuyo: I'm just glad that Kouichi was there to save you. Are you sure he's alright? I know you really like him.

Mei: he's fine! It's only a smallish cut, nothing to serious.

Mitsuyo: that's good. Anyway, are you two...'going out'?

Mei: No! Well...I don't know.

Mitsuyo: how can you not know?

Mei: We, we kissed, but I didn't feel anything...but...but I like Kouichi, and I want to spend the rest of my life with that bad?

Mitsuyo: of course not! If you love him, you should go out with him.

Mei: but how am I supposed to tell him I like him? And how am I supposed to kiss him? And-

Mitsuyo: Mei, before you ask any more questions, I need to tell you something.

Mei: what? What is it?

Mitsuyo: soon...we...we need to have the talk.

Mei: can we do that after our holiday?

Mitsuyo: won't be able to see me after the holiday, remember?

Mei: why do I have to live with Yukiyo? Why?

Mitsuyo: I'd rather not explain it Mei...anyway, that's all I wanted to say.

Mei: okay. Night...

Mitsuyo: night.

*Mei walks back into the room to see Kouichi and Misaki talking*


Kouichi: MEI!! Oh...hi!

Misaki: what did Mitsuyo say?

Mei: she said that's she's sorry for trying to kill me, and that we have to have 'the talk soon'.

Misaki: do you know what 'the talk' is?

Mei: No...why?

Misaki: it''s just strange. Isn't that right Sakakibara?

Kouichi: Actually, I haven't had 'the talk' yet.

Misaki: Really?

Kouichi: Yea, when my Dad comes back from India, Reiko said that he would give me 'the talk'. To be honest, I'm kinda scared.

Mei: Have you had the talk yet Misaki?

Misaki: Of course I have!

Mei: so what happened?

Misaki: I'll tell you tonight, after our bath.

Mei: And after that can we tell horror stories?

Misaki: heck yea! Have you got any good horror stories Sakakibara?

Kouichi: Yea, I got a great one, so don't get to scared.

Mei: I won't.

Misaki: oh Mei, you will get scared. If you get scared about a thunderstorm, then you'll be absolutely terrified of a horror story.

Kouichi: Yea, I am a horror lover...

Misaki: wait...are-are you okay Sakakibara? You seem sad.

Kouichi: It's just that the nurse who looked after me at the hospital...died. And she always called me a horror lover.

Misaki: She died? HOW?

Kouichi: Well...She died because of the curse. Mei would know about it.

Mei: Really? That's bad...

Misaki: but how did she die?

Kouichi: stuck in a...*stars tearing up*a elevator. A few minutes later, the lift just...just...just fell on top of her...crushing every bone in her body. .

Misaki: Whoa...I'm so sorry Sakakibara. I shouldn't have asked.

Kouichi: No's-it's fine.

Mei: anyway, we...we should go and wash now. Do you want to go first Kouichi?

Kouichi: No I'm fine. I'll wait here. See you in a bit.

Mei: same here.

*mei and Misaki go out the room*

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