The story of mine and my boo's life now

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well first of all i always had trouble with getting girls but my life is getting easier because i found a girl that has the same interests as i do and we were both single but now since we talked to each other we are somewhat dating we are both so glad that we found each other as you can see my name is Mullet-Man and her name is pattinsongirl for every one who reads this i really recommened fanning her but don't try anything guys because she is my boo and i don't play nice like that with stalkers stalking my boo i luv her and she luvs me and we are going to be forever through all arguments we are going to work it out we are going to be together forever <3 thank you for the ones who respect what i say i appreciate it and the guys that don't if you try it's not going to be pretty

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