Chapter One Hundred Thirty Three

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Anora tossed and turned in her sleep one early morning unable to sleep peacefully even with Charlie resting beside her. She groaned at one point and looked over to see Charlie and Iggy sound asleep. Iggy was curled up leaning against Charlie's back purring loudly. Charlie himself was sharing in a light snore. She made a face, disturbed at how comfortable they look, compared to how uncomfortable she felt. She sat up in bed and immediately felt an sudden onset of nausea.

"Oh that's not a pretty feeling." she said sitting up and sighing.

She left the bedroom without waking the two males and shuffled out to the kitchen tiredly. The sun was just peaking over the horizon, as she leaned against the counter.

"Please Merlin, don't let me be sick again, I really don't want to deal with that again." she grabbed a glass of water which seemed to settle her stomach a bit.

Rather than waiting for her to feel better, she headed to the bathroom and got dressed for the day. She slipped on her jacket as the cold weather was coming into Romania to pay a long visit. She shoved her socked feet into her boots and headed out in the sanctuary to find Roscoe and Norberta, certain they were up already.

Of course, she was correct as she came upon the two curled up together, blowing steam from their snouts.

"It's a bit chilly this morning isn't it?" she called out to them.

Roscoe lifted his head, quite happy to see her while Norberta turned her head away from her.

"Nice to see you too, Norbie." she said as she neared the dragons.

Roscoe moved towards her, before pausing and then giving her a slight nuzzle into her body.

"Whoa, easy there friend, I'm not feeling the best." she told him reaching out a hand. "I'm not trying to throw up on you, I don't think you'd like it very much."

Charlie awoke vibrations tickling his backside. He turned his head over his shoulder and saw Iggy opening up one eye.

"Good morning." he said with a smile. Iggy yawned and then disappeared under Anora's blanket.

"Well then..."Charlie pushed himself to the side of the bed glancing around.

"And she's gone again." he sighed with a chuckle. "No surprise there. Does she ever sleep?"

Iggy meowed.

"You're telling me." 

The man rose from the bed and checked the kitchen and bathroom before confirming that Anora was out in the sanctuary somewhere.

"It wouldn't kill her to take a day off." he said.

He got ready for the day and left to find Anora. He searched around until he came upon Roscoe and Norberta and with them, of course he found the love of his life in an odd situation.

He found her resting against Roscoe's side, which wasn't unusual during most work days when he found her. But what was odd was Norberta had her head resting in Anora's lap.

"What do we have here?" he said.

Anora looked over at him and gave him a weak smile.

"We're just hanging out." she said.

"I can see that." he said walking over. "But I was really talking about the fact that you have yourself a nice lap dragon."

"She's keeping me warm." Anora chuckled.

"You could keep warm if you were inside a nice warm home...snuggled up next to me."

"As much as I would like to stay inside and in bed snuggling you, I was feeling nauseous."

"Aww that's exactly what I want to hear from the woman I'm engaged to." Charlie said.

"It's not you!" she smiled. "I'm just not feeling well, but the cold air makes me feel less nauseous, so here I am. In a dragon taco. It's quite comfortable actually, even though someone's head is rather large and heavy."

Norberta exposed her teeth.

"She's been extra affectionate too." Anora told him in a surprised tone. "She's only bared her teeth at me twice today. New record."

Charlie smiled at her. "Anora, if you're not feeling well, you shouldn't outside in the cold. We should get your home."

"I don't want to vomit."

"Well no one wants to vomit, but it might be your body telling you that you need to vomit something up. Your body is probably like let me reject this foreign thing that's making us feel bad, but you're like no, I want to hang out with dragons." Charlie said in a high pitch voice near the end.

"I do not sound like that, thank you very much. And I don't want to vomit because it's only going to make me feel worse."

"You'll have to feel worse before you feel better."

"Just leave me to my dragon cuddles. They're helping me feeling better."

"I want to help make you feel better too." Charlie told her.

"Then come sit with me." she said.

He crawled over and leaned his back against Roscoe's side. Roscoe gave him a sideways glance before letting out a snorting noise.

"Yeah, same to you Roscoe." Charlie said as Anora rested her head on her shoulder. "Maybe we should bring you to Sebastian."

"We'll see how I'm feeling later, if I'm still feeling like this I might consider it."

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